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Haunted Bellefontaine Cemetery…St. Louis

It goes without saying, most feel that Cemeteries are haunted with spirits that for some reason, still roam the Earth.  I have always found a peace about them- the large trees, rolling hills of grass, and a sense that I’m never alone, but also that I am in no danger either.  So on this road trip, I have been exploring more of these types of places and less the buildings with their tickets and hours.  Not that they don’t have hours as well, but I can come and go as I please, and just enjoy looking and talking to them.  We put these stones to remember our loved ones, yet with the over 30 at least now I have visited so far, it was sad to see barely a live soul there. So I almost feel like I am visiting them, yes, I am wierd, and no, I’m not a psychic. Just like to love on souls.

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Upon my visit to the great City of St. Louis, I read up on a couple of really interesting Cemeteries, this being one of them. Located along the river banks of the great Mississippi, (Do yall want to know HOW many times I have had to type that and having to channel my inner grade student? LOL), this beautiful resting place hosts some famous souls. William Clark of “Louis and Clark” is memorialized here with the words “His Life is Written in the History of His Country.” Wow, just beautiful! My luck my stone will say “Duh.”


The Cemetery boasts of Memorial Arcitectural works that have been documented with the National Registry of Historic Places. Started in 1875, the Bellefontaine Cemetery has so many born and passed in the 1800’s, that the vibe in here is certainly an air of ancient.  It just feels old. I’m always drawn to the older tombstones, the masoleums and crypts, and the statues that some chose to have on top of their stones to be remembered by. Personally, I love the picture ones, so you can see the person when they were happy and full of life.

rsz_img_0531rsz_img_0525rsz_img_0503rsz_img_0495rsz_img_0501rsz_img_0506 Haunted? Well it’s been reported that fog and mist are seen during the day and night here. Now the skeptic is saying “Yes Amy, that is what we called “weather”” but it’s usually a bit more defined than that. Honestly, I think you feel someone close to you more than you SEE them. Hence why someone feels cold if a spirit is nearby. The eyes play tricks on us, so it’s hard to define what is real and what isn’t. So to that I say, believe what you wish.  It’s a really beautiful place and I enjoyed visiting it! Check out more of my HAUNTED ROAD TRIP HERE. Enjoy!

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