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Creepy Graves…An Alien Gravestone

I’m not one for perusing a graveyard late at night, I prefer to seek out the souls that roam during the day. Why? Well, since ghost hunting has become more popular, hours and security around some of the famous cemeteries have become a bit stricter.  There are those who want to just take a walk through, those who wouldn’t mind an experience, and those who are just up to no good. Shocker, I am of the first two.  So for this Halloween, I thought I would post the creepiest graves all day long on the blog- some with stories, some with pictures, but all with the spooky- enjoy!


Let’s head back to Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, again, this one had a plethora of weird and creepy graves. Having been to several Cemeteries over the past 6 months, you see a lot of the same. And then you come across the weirdest stuff that you didn’t think anyone would possibly put as their final resting place….and then you see an Alien Gravestone. Yes, you heard me right. Someone who clearly was meant for Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, this gentleman decided to make his final marker something people would talk about for years to come. 


Bruce Goff is his name, and the writing alone on his stone looks like something from Egyptian times. The stone is in a triangle shape, and there is a huge gem that sits at the top of it.  Did he like Superman and his kryptonite? Is it a marker for the Aliens to know where to find him? It is one of the most bizarre I have come across. What’s even funnier about it, is that he lays right next to famous baseball player, Ernie Banks.  So odd.  Check out this grave and the rest of the spooky stuff at Graceland Cemetery at 4001 N. Clark St in Chicago, IL. The pictures say it all- enjoy!


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