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Creepy Graves…Eternal Silence

I’m not one for perusing a graveyard late at night, I prefer to seek out the souls that roam during the day. Why? Well, since ghost hunting has become more popular, hours and security around some of the famous cemeteries have become a bit stricter.  There are those who want to just take a walk through, those who wouldn’t mind an experience, and those who are just up to no good. Shocker, I am of the first two.  So for this Halloween, I thought I would post the creepiest graves all day long on the blog- some with stories, some with pictures, but all with the spooky- enjoy!

Let’s start with Graceland Cemetery in the Chicago area in Illinois. Upon entering this place, which the corner entrance is, in itself, a way for you to join the peaceful souls, as it is a menace to try and get into- so BEWARE!!! It’s not haunted, it’s just a horrible intersection with horrible traffic. How these souls get any rest with the amount of busy life that surrounds them I will never know.


The very first grave I saw upon entering looked like something from a horror movie…the really good kind. Not the remake of “Child’s Play” kind, more like something from “Silent Hill.” It is the tomb, the grave of Dexter Graves, and it is called “The Eternal Silence.”  It stands out on the edge of the drive because it is nothing like you’ve seen before- maybe in Europe I could see something like this existing. It stands a good 10 feet high in front of a black tomb. Reminds me of the third ghost that comes to visit Scrooge, honestly it was terrifying.


Supposedly the legend, nay the ghost story, is that if you try to take a picture of the Monk of Death you will wind up with blurry photos. OH NO THE HORROR!! If that was true with any of these creepy tombs I visited over the past 6 months, I would have an IPhone of complete garbage….which I do, but it’s just a ton of apps that are useless most of the time and have NOTHING to do with the Monk or any entity messing with my phone. My photos were and are fine.


The other tale is that if you get out of your car or take a stroll and find yourself looking directly at him, you will see seconds of your own death!!! BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMM.  I don’t know about you, but 2020 has kicked my butt and I am sure yours as well, sooo if a Monk statue was what was going to “Do me in” – well, again, it’s 2020. Anything is possible. That being said, you can’t look him straight in the eyes? Why not? HIS EYES WERE CLOSED when I took my pics. So unless he was messing with me, there is no way to look him in the eye unless I have gained powers that open stone eyelids. Just saying, its 2020. None the less, he is a cool one to see simply because he looks like he shouldn’t be there. Can you imagine coming across that at night? Not expecting it and then BAM a creepy, enormous Monk Grim Reaper standing there?? Check him out and others at 4001 N. Clark St in Chicago, IL at the Graceland Cemetery. Parking is available in the front, but I just drove around with my car and parked on the side. Enjoy!

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