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Creepy Graves…Porter Mausoleum

I’m not one for perusing a graveyard late at night, I prefer to seek out the souls that roam during the day. Why? Well, since ghost hunting has become more popular, hours and security around some of the famous cemeteries have become a bit stricter.  There are those who want to just take a walk through, those who wouldn’t mind an experience, and those who are just up to no good. Shocker, I am of the first two.  So for this Halloween, I thought I would post the creepiest graves all day long on the blog- some with stories, some with pictures, but all with the spooky- enjoy!

Back to Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, this one had a bunch of the creepiest ones I have seen in the past 6 months! There are tombs, there are tombstones, and then there are mausoleums….and boy oh boy, I have a whopper for you all to see! Many resting places don’t let the living partake inside of them, most of the small mausoleums are locked for privacy of the families and I am sure to avoid graffiti. But there is something about them that makes them look SO DARN CREEPY!

And then they just don’t even bother hiding the spooky factor with some, and that was clear with the Greek Temple structure that rests wealthy Chicago residents Potter Palmer and his wife Bertha. This structure was seriously obnoxious, and yet incredibly beautiful as it sat on a river bank with the leaves falling from the trees.


The legends say that if you stand in the center of this Mausoleum, your heart will be filled with dread. Well, I took the challenge, and I can tell you that I all I felt was peace. It was a sunny, cool day in the Midwest and the trees were in fire with reds and golds- I felt quite the opposite of dread.  Honestly I felt more like “Wow, they spent A LOT of money on this.”

rsz_img_4728rsz_img_4837 (1)

I am all about movie locations, and I was more excited to learn that they filmed the 1978 OMEN Sequel “Damian” here.  I love me a scary movie, and this Mausoleum and the Cemetery itself was ripe for the picking for a scary flick! Graceland Cemetery can be found at 4001 N. Clark St in Chicago, IL and the Mausoleum can be found on the pond/river bank that’s inside the Cemetery- there’s only one, can’t miss it. Enjoy!

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