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Creepy Graves…Inez Clarke: The Girl in the Box

I’m not one for perusing a graveyard late at night, I prefer to seek out the souls that roam during the day. Why? Well, since ghost hunting has become more popular, hours and security around some of the famous cemeteries have become a bit stricter.  There are those who want to just take a walk through, those who wouldn’t mind an experience, and those who are just up to no good. Shocker, I am of the first two.  So for this Halloween, I thought I would post the creepiest graves all day long on the blog- some with stories, some with pictures, but all with the spooky- enjoy!

Again, Graceland Cemetery has way to many great tombstones not to mention. This time I found myself in the center of it, standing in front of a glass case. Many tombstones have statues on them, but for some reason, this one was encased in glass. Not even plexi-glass or plastic, but real glass. The statue is of a little girl, sitting on a chair, with a subtle smile and soft curls in her hair. Apparently she is the most famous grave in the Cemetery, and I can see why.


Her name was Inez Clarke, and the story goes that when she was a little girl she was struck by lightening while out playing in her yard. Her parents, I am sure many would, wanted their little girl to be remembered forever as she was, and thus the stone replica was made in her likeness. And as many ghost stories go, Inez doesn’t like to stay in her grave or her glass case. Graceland employees have said they see her running around the Cemetery when a storm is about to come in, visitors then seeing an empty glass case.


The problem with the story is that no one can find that an Inez Clarke ever existed. Yet when I visited her, I saw “Inez” clearly on the tombstone now. Maybe it was finally added, but I saw the name with my own eyes. On top of that, people say that another name listed on the stone as “A. Gagel” is the artist who sculpted the stone and that it was all just an advertisement. I highly doubt it since IT’S IN A CEMETERY… SOMEONE buried SOMEONE there so it doesn’t add up at all. The Cemetery records show that an “Amos Briggs” is in that grave, yet there is no name on the stone of that. Clearly there has been a mess up somewhere, and probably why the legend may be true. I personally would be beyond irritated if my name wasn’t correct on my own tombstone. Check it out for yourself at Graceland Cemetery at 4001 N. Clark St. in Chicago, IL- enjoy!


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