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Happy Halloween to my FAVORITE Ghostbuster!

It would be 1984 and my pubescent life was all about a certain movie being released soon…Ghostbusters.  You have to understand, the “ghost” genre was just beginning to kick in during the 80s. The very thought of someone chasing, hunting ghosts, was ridiculous. Hence why the movie was so much fun! The idea seemed absurd, certainly Rick Moranis turning into a hell hound even more, yet this was and still remains, one of the most popular movies of all time!  But it’s not all about the plot or the soundtrack (which is all about the 80’s in itself) but the actors MADE this movie magic!

One of my absolute favorite Ghostbusters was not always the popular one. Everyone seemed to gravitate to Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd, some were fans of Ernie Hudson, but I, I loved the nerd. Egon Spengler was not only funny in the movie, dry humor and all, but he was loveable. He was about the science of it and I loved his infamous Twinkie line.  Harold Ramis who played Egon was someone I would have loved to have known. You know how you see some celebrities in films and you just know you would have hung out and had a beer with them? That would have been Harold.


So it surprised me, literally, to know that his dear soul rested in the Midwest and that I could go and pay my respects to such a sweet man.  He resides in Shalom Memorial Park in Arlington Height, Illinois. With how many Cemeteries I have visited this year, this one caught me off guard. It was simple. All the headstones are flat against the ground, there are no ornate sculptures or Washington Memorial type structures that I have seen repeatedly. There were a couple Mausoleums, but other than that, the place looked like a Park when looked across.


I found Harold at rest in section 14 B Mamre, and it took some time to walk the rows to find him. He is straight back, in the final row against the tree line, with a beautiful headstone.  I paid my respects, thanked him for all of his amazing work and that Ghostbusters was my favorite. It was a weird feeling to think he was there, but not. It’s a surreal thing to be a memorial marker for someone famous, someone you have loved for some time, and know how incredibly weird the moment is.


I thought today, Halloween, was a good day to tip my proton blaster to the Ghostbuster himself. Thank you Harold Ramis, may you rest in peace.


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