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The Lemp Mansion…Most Haunted in St. Louis

Another location I had heard about for years was the “Lemp Mansion.” Located in St. Louis, Missouri, at 3322 DeMenil Place, this Mansion holds lots of secrets, and sadly, many suicides.  Found in the posh side of town, what was then known as “Benton Park,” Lemp built this home from his fame and fortune from his Brewery, found just down the road from his home.  Adam Lemp came from Germany and decided to sell his own vinegar and beer here in the States. His beer became popular because it was German lagers instead of the American Ales, focusing and creating his “Western Brewery.”


As generations lived on over the years, indiscretion, children out of marriages, disease, and so on, would move four of the family members to commit suicide INSIDE the house. And of course, with so much death in the home, there was bound to be a few who stayed behind to haunt.  Everything from appartitions, slamming doors, cold spots, and more have been experienced inside the house. After the last of the family members passed, it was turned into a boarding home and then again bought and revived in 1975.  The Pointer family brought it back to it’s glory, and it now serves as a Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast.  LempMansion4LempMansion2rsz_img_0415rsz_img_0436 (1)

I was touring all day when I came upon this on Saturday, August 22nd. I was so excited to see it, and of course, they had a wedding going on so it was a no go to walk in. Again, what is meant for me is meant for me, and maybe I was being kept from something sinister and I am OK with that!  Honestly just the outside of the home had a very dark vibe to it, and I just felt heaviness on my chest as I looked up into the windows.  The neighborhood it sits in is also famous and adorable and it was just neat to see it all in person.  If you like the haunted stuff, I highly encourage you to call ahead for dinner reservations or room reservations and then you can say you stayed at one of THE most haunted places in the U.S.! Want to read about more haunted places? Check HERE and enjoy!rsz_img_0433rsz_img_0438

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