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The Most Haunted City in Illinois….Meet Alton

Over the years, I have watched shows, read the books, and saw the pictures about the scary little town of Alton, Illinois. What makes it so scary? Well it hosts so many haunted areas and buildings, that it is a plethora of delights for the historian and ghost hunter in me.  As they say here, “Where all your Witches come true,” this place isn’t for the faint of heart. Lined with limestone rock, the town sits upon the Mississippi River, which is a recipe for paranormal activity.rsz_img_0139

18 miles outside of St. Louis, MO, it made for a perfect “two-fer” road trip! Easy to get to Alton, and also to get to St. Louis from there. Downtown Alton was a sleepy little town, full of the Main Street feel, buried in hills that surround it opposite the Mississippi. Free parking downtown, plenty of it, and stores and restaurants were open, but the visitors center was closed due to Covid.  rsz_img_0105rsz_img_0018rsz_img_0015rsz_img_0010rsz_img_0014

First, I had written one long blog post about everything I saw and visited and it was far too long and way to boring. So, in this age of 2020, our attention spans are only so long and hence, the many parts of my Alton trip were born. So much easier for everyone to find, and short and sweet just works better sometimes.  Check out my posts about the HAUNTED McPike Mansion, First Unitarian Church, Alton Prison, Confederate Cemetary, Mineral Springs Hotel, and the Alton Cemetery.  rsz_img_0061

As for the town itself, it hosts some pretty cool people people that used to walk this Earth. Miles Davis, a very famous Jazz performer was born here, along with the Tallest Man in the World, Robert Wadlow.  Also a famous argument, hence a DEBATE, happened here between a beloved President and one who wished he could be. The very spot the building rest for the infamous “Lincoln-Douglas” Debate can be found right in town, across from the large water towers “Alton” sign. Check out more of this spot HERE. rsz_img_0133rsz_img_0134rsz_img_0055Alton1

Enjoy the Town’s pictures and check out all of the highlighted subjects to read more about my amazing haunted road trip to Alton- enjoy!rsz_img_0019rsz_img_9999rsz_img_9990

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