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The Wizard of Oz Park

On a cold and very windy day this past October, I decided to get my tail on over to Lincoln Park..a suburb of Chicago. I had heard of a beautiful park that laid here, and I had to see it while I was still visiting the Midwest. I am sure it is quite a beautiful sight during the summer, but it was 45 degrees that day and windy, the sun providing a little warmth.  Parking was an absolute bear that day, as they were having only parking on side of the street, the ENTIRE area.   But I found a spot and while my toes froze, I walked the “Oz Park” FINALLY!!!


So depending on what end you start on, is who you’ll see first. Don’t start near the tennis courts, none of the statues are in that corner. But two of the corners had the Lion and the Tinman on each. BEAUITFULLY done, these Characters were brought to life on the blustery day and it was super cool to finally see them. 


The Scarecrow was put more inside the Park near the Emerald City Garden. Due to Covid, the Garden was closed (and it’s Fall, so there’s that).


Dorothy and Toto were hanging out in the center edge of the – skipping along the yellow brick road in front of “Dorothy’s Playground”. I was so happy to finally see them all.

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Why an OZ Park? Well Frank L. Baum(1856-1919) was from the Chicago area, settling in 1891 a couple miles West from the Park. An author, he didn’t even start writing children’s books until he was 41! He would go on to write more than 60 books, 14 of which involved the lovely land of Oz.  And as we know, the famous “Wizard of Oz” was released in Theaters in 1939.  Over time, the City council commissioned artists to make one statue after another, finally at one point completing the project with all foursome.


I would love to see Munchkinland represented in the future, or a yellow brick road curving in and out of the Park. The Park has 14 acres to play with, so we shall see what they have up their sleeves in the future for it. I encourage you to go check it out for yourself (find it 2021 N. Burling St, Chicago) especially if you are a “Wizard of Oz” fan. Enjoy!

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