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My First Metra Ride, Trip to Union Station, and Fall Visit to Chicago in 2020

Every year, I try to road trip somewhere that I haven’t really explored much of, and 2020 with all of it’s charm (insert sarcasm here), I decided upon the Midwest.  Since I grew in Wisconsin, I focused more on Illinois this time.  Chicago was always the “big city” in my head, and it was something that I was always nervous on visiting on my own. So during the summer I went and parked on my own, a big deal, but then this Fall I took the Metra Train for the first time! I figured having taken the Monorail so many times, how different could a train be?


So let’s start with the Train. I parked at the Route 59 Station, paid for parking at the machine and then bought my tickets online for the next train.  There was no Station to sit inside in, for some reason I had that in my head as well. Just a platform to wait at, and then it was as easy as getting on, finding a place to sit away from people to avoid Covid, and the gal or guy came around and checked you had paid for a ticket.  I enjoyed the ease of finding a seat and that everyone had to wear a mask.  Food and drink were permitted, as I enjoyed some fresh caramel corn and a Coke Zero on the way back at the end of the day. It was really nice and you couldn’t beat the fare of $10 for the whole weekend- so I could have come back and rode again on Sunday!


It was a beautiful Saturday and I wanted to head into Chicago to explore what I hadn’t seen yet, check out the Disney Store again, and just enjoy a warm day in November. I remember these days in the Midwest- take full advantage of them because the cold comes on fast, the dead trees and the howling winds, and I wanted to avoid that while I was here.  I was so excited to see Union Station in Chicago for the first time as well- such a beautiful building! Exiting and entering the train again in this Station made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter film, so very cool.


And then I just starting walking…no plan, no strategy, just walk.  Thank you Jesus for GPS on my phone so I didn’t get lost, but the idea was to let my feet take me on an adventure and to remember where Union Station was at the end of my day. I shopped, I ate at a walk-up McDonalds (yes it’s the little things in life), I partied, I exercised my freedom of speech, and I found the spots where they filmed “The Dark Knight.” Yes, a day for all peoples!  So here are the pics of my amazing day, it was one for the books that I will surely never forget. Check out Chicago if you haven’t, it won’t disappoint!


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