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Finding the Blues Brothers in Illinois

I have to say that besides “Ferris Bueller,” the other movie that SCREAMS Illinois is the “Blues Brothers.” Funny enough, for me I first found them at the Joliet Correctional Facility in Joilet, Illinois. Not really THEM per say, but the spot where the boys had a famous scene just outside the prison walls. They literally have a plaque there commemorating the spot, it’s pretty cool to see (if you saw the film LOL).

rsz_img_4675 (1)

Next I saw them on a quiet moment where I was driving the country roads of Route 66, and someone stuck their infamous car high up on a pole…I thought, ok, weird but definitely worthy of a nod and noting of a bizarre roadside attraction.  There’s a lot of that “weird” in Illinois.



I then decided over the summer to take a movie in and hedge my bets on a matinee that would be safe and probably empty- and I was right on both points! Hollywood Palms had JUST opened back up, and sure enough, there were the Blues Brothers again, sitting and having a drink, high above the entrance to the individual theaters.

rsz_img_1208 (1)

rsz_img_1207 (1)

Next, I was on Route 66 again, having a good old time looking at all of the fun, kitschy 66 stuff and decided to stop at the “Polka Dot Drive In” for a burger, a soda, and a sit that wasn’t my car for awhile.  Marilyn Monroe, Superman, and you guessed it- the Blues Brothers were on the outside wall, dancing away!

rsz_img_0901 (2)

The irony of all of this is one, I haven’t seen the film. Two, I used to see these characters all the time at Universal Studios singing and driving around in their car. Three, now having seen them all over the place, I will definitely check out the film. I mean it has Dan and John, it must be good right?


So if you are in the Illinois area, come check out the many places you can find the boys, snap a pic, and sing the blues. Enjoy!


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