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“There is a Superhero in all of us, we just need the courage to put on the Cape” Visiting Metropolis, IL

Having driven all over Illinois this past year, and getting the lay of the land, I found a quieter way to drive back and forth out of the State. Most normally take the highways in and around Chicago when cutting through the State, albeit it faster, it also is a stressor for people like myself. Give me the quiet whir of the pavement under my wheels, some caffeine in my cup holder, and nothing but open spaces and I am good to go. So when I found this quieter junction, right at the bottom of the State, I was super excited. I saw the sign and thought, where have I heard Metropolis before? Ah yes, Superman! And so it begins….


Now, Metropolis in my mind was something of a Chicago right? Tall buildings, hustle and bustle of city life, traffic honking all day and night.  What I came upon was nothing more than quiet Main Street of USA, very similar to Walt Disney’s hometown, Marceline, in Missouri. This small town sits on the Ohio River, just across from Kentucky, and only has around 6500 people. And even though there is no “Daily Planet” for real here, the town was proclaimed the official “Hometown of Superman” on June 9th, 1972 by the Illinois House of Representatives.


So what I am assuming this town did was, of course, capitalize on the name. Like Casey, IL, who decided to make their town something of an attraction, so did this one, too bad it was just a but underwhelming. Of course a small town isn’t going to be the big city, but they didn’t have much in the ways of “Superman” that they could have. Now I visited during Covid, so things may have been closed or not provided, so let me add that before the “Super” fans jump down my throat.


I followed my GPS to the Main Street area where are large Superman statue stands, as to look over the town from his super spot. Adjacent to this is a Superman gift shop, museum, a phone booth for great pics (because you HAVE to, that’s where he does his super change LOL) and that was about it.  I was told there is normally a tour you can take in town, and the Museum portion wasn’t open when I visited, but it cost only $5 to check out. It’s a great place for photos, and the Store was really cool! If you are looking for something for the Superman fan in your life, this is the Store for you. Pretty sure the Store itself is the first part of the Museum, because I saw merch in there from forever ago.

rsz_img_4459rsz_img_4460 (1)rsz_img_4461 (1)rsz_img_4465rsz_img_4466rsz_img_4467rsz_img_4468

After getting my “super” on, I was famished! Before hitting the road once again, I found a cute, little Mexican Restaurant just a block down from the Superman action. Enjoyed a dish of enchiladas while I perused my IPhone- the food was delicious.

rsz_img_4474 (1)rsz_img_4477

Is it worth a trip to see the town? Well, if you are driving past, or find yourself wanting something to do on a Sunday afternoon, yes. But it is roughly 6-7 hours from the Chicago area, and to drive that amount JUST to see this area, no, it isn’t. I am glad I stopped and it was cool to see once, but it isn’t something I would want to do again.  Check it out for yourself, enjoy!

rsz_img_4471 (1)rsz_img_4473

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