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A 2020 Sea World Christmas…Part One

Ironically, I visited Sea World for “Christmas” during Thanksgiving week. I know, what was I thinking. First off, having almost lived here 10 years soon, I have come to an understanding that the Theme Parks are not meant for me on the weekends and Holidays- why? Crowds and traffic. I usually can get in and out during the week without little to no headache if I can get out before rush hour. Weekends and Holidays bring the people, and I try to avoid the big crowds as much as possible. And normally I wouldn’t even TRY to go Thanksgiving week, but due to Covid, crowds have been low. So I made my reservation online with my Annual Pass, and headed in.

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How I do Sea World is how I do life….slow and steady wins the race. I take my time, I enjoy watching the animals, sit for a show, and grab a bite to eat. This particular Park is VERY quiet during the weekdays, so I enjoy the peace and chill feelings it brings. I pretty much have the same habits here, I walk past the stingrays, say hello to the dolphins, head to my favorite – the penguins- and talk to the employees for awhile. Sea lions, manatees, turtles, oh my! It’s just a relaxing park.

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There is so much to do here for the Christmas season, albeit it a lot of it happens during the weekends. They have an entire Christmas trail full of food and hot cocoa kiosks, with Rudolph and friends in their own play. The larger theater at the end of the trail has a Christmas presentation with an ice rink- really neat! Along the bridge that expands the length of the park, you can see thousands of lights on Christmas trees suspended over the water. They also have the presentation of Christ’s birth in the other corner of the Park, with more kiosks for holiday treats and tots.

rsz_img_5970rsz_img_5971rsz_img_5969rsz_img_5968 (1)rsz_img_5958 (1)

Speaking of treats and tots, I don’t normally go for the kiosks because they are closed during the day. I was SO EXCITED when I learned that they have them open at 11 a.m. during the day on Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks. I invested in the lanyard this year to see if I actually ate, or wanted to eat, my moneys worth. I am ALL about value. I chose the 10 punch card, available was a 5 punch one as well. It was $50 for the one I purchased, and many of the offerings I found to be $8 or more, so it seemed to be a deal. What I found out that made me even happier was that I got my 20% discount on that as well, making it $42 with tax for 10 meal or drink offerings. I could only eat 4 that day, I was so full! Craig and I plan on going in to use the rest to see the lights and enjoy the nightime shows.

rsz_img_5936rsz_img_5939rsz_img_5942rsz_img_5923rsz_img_5966rsz_img_5943 (1)rsz_img_5948 (2)

And who doesn’t love Sesame Street? I know this isn’t the real set, but it’s as close as I can get right now. Everything from the famous steps to Mr. Hooper’s store…Christmas is alive and well here on this loveable street!

rsz_img_5921rsz_img_5919rsz_img_5916rsz_img_5918rsz_img_5915 (1)rsz_img_5914rsz_img_5913rsz_img_5910rsz_img_5908 (2)rsz_img_5934

I always enjoy taking pictures here, so please enjoy the Christmas goodness in part one. I hope to get back next week in the evening and livestream the Christmas lights and take some great night shots. Enjoy!

rsz_img_5834 (1)


Remember your favorite Creators this Christmas 🙂

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