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That Time that Dad built a Lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop

As a kid, I remember when “Return of the Jedi” graced the cinema screen. It was 1983, I was all of 9 years old, and my Dad and I headed to the Movies…and here is where I would forever associate Star Wars with him. Yeah there was Luke and some guy named Vader, but I fell in love with the Ewoks, Wicket to be exact. So when there was the announcement that “Galaxy’s Edge” was being built, the first person I thought of to invite to see it was my Dad…Wicket was unavailable.

rsz_img_7471 (1)

Craig and I schemed on how we would surprise him with all the “extras” on this trip, one being building his own Lightsaber.  Now, I wish I could tell you that this was some easy task, but alas, it wasn’t. Dads travel dates were set in stone by the almighty powers of flight, so I had to plan the Studios day and then HOPE I could get him a time slot.

If you didn’t know, you need a reservation to make a lightsaber at “Savi’s Workshop” on the planet Batuu. These days, you now need a reservation to Studios AND the lightsaber reservation…it gets tricky but it can be done.  My luck, I had everything laid out in my plans, and like everything in life, God sees our plans and has a chuckle. Meaning, we can’t plan it all- if it works, it works.  So, I studied and checked Disney’s app every single day until one morning a time slot opened up for his day and I screamed! Booked it, did my happy dance, and of course had to tell the family.

rsz_img_7473 (2)

So the day came, and after the craziest morning of trying to get IN to the Park and then GET the reservations for “Rise of the Resistance,” it was finally time. Craig and I took Dad into Studios that evening to surprise him, and told him what he was about to do. I THINK he was excited? My dad isn’t a “jump up and down” kind of guy, but I think he smiled with a tear. Before we headed in, I had to get Dad a blue milk…it’s a staple of coming here. It’s delicious and it’s like a sweettart smoothie.

rsz_img_7469 (1)

We checked into “Savi’s Workshop” and they had us wait until our group was called. While you wait, they have a “menu” of choices to make for your lightsaber so you know what you want before you enter the experience. And it IS an experience. You can bring another person in with you to watch- now I am not sure of what the Covid protocol is with that, so make sure to research.   Dad stood in front of a large table next to others, where the “Gatherers” bring each participant a box of parts from around the galaxy.


Each Gatherer helps the traveler construct, all while keeping the secrets of this mystical place from the First Order. To complete the lightsaber, each person must choose their kyber crystal, which my Dad chose blue. Once it was all together, they have a presentation of what this means to have and the importance you are to the Force.  Seriously, it brought me tears, it’s amazing.


What does this magical momento going to cost you? $199 plus tax. They do include a protective sleeve and carrier, so you may transfer it safely throughout your day. Yes, they do check them on the Airlines, my Dad had no problem with his.  THAT they were ok with, but just months before that, the Airlines were banning the Coke bottles that looked like detonators…yeah, that happened. They let you take them now.


Was it worth it? Well, I was a little kid again watching my Dad enjoy this Star Wars experience. He had tears, I had tears, they do a terrific job with the entire presentation. And kudos to the Cast Members who work here, you do a GREAT job! If you know someone who loves Star Wars, and you can GET a time slot, then I say go for it. This was a year ago and Dad’s lightsaber still lights up and works- so you get your value out of this. Enjoy the pics and see you on Batuu!

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