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When You Finally Get to Meet Your 80’s Heartthrob…Richard Marx

Never in a million dreams did I think that moving to Florida would open so many doors and opportunities. And never did I think that I would be able to meet face to face the man who swooned me through every heart break and every fresh romance. Moonlights were made for Marx, and I was always on board with a hand in mine. When I heard that he was coming for “Garden Rocks” I squealed with glee! I had seen him a few years before at “Eat to the Beat” but I didn’t get to meet him, albeit I was in the front row of his first show.  Yeah, I’m that weirdo, I got to Epcot and went back to the American Gardens Theater when World Showcase opened at 11 and sat my cute tushy down to hold my spot until his first show…mind you, 6 hours later.

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You must understand, life is short…when would I get this chance again? He may be back, he may not. And with living this hellish year, you cannot take opportunities for granted. So I positioned myself in Epcot once again to “jog casually” when World Showcase opened, so I would be front row and ready for Richard himself.

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And here’s the cool thing about being there so early…you meet people. What I like to call my “line friends” who would become my concert family over time. I would only see this great group of people at the concerts, but that’s what made it special. Karen, Ren, David, Craig, and my dear friend, Luigi, who passed this past year. Good people, even better times.


So when it came to that day that Richard Marx was in town, I had high hopes they would all be there. And all except Karen were there- and it was great! We watch each other’s seats, get each other drinks and food, it’s just a nice community that I am happy to be a part of. My “Philly Craig” is always such a fun guy to bond with over life, and Karen…this is a light in a dark tunnel. I met her at the first Richard Marx concert and she was so kind and so gracious to me, her energy was like a bright, lit sun- love her so much.  So, with friends now, they introduced me to David. And he gave me the tip of tips that would forever cement the meet and greet of a lifetime. He told me about where the singers come out to walk to the stage, and it’s right next to the American Adventure. There are actually two routes, so we weren’t sure if this one would be right, but he and I waited. Patiently, while every working Cast Member walked in and out for their shifts through the same gate….and then the moment came.  People in suits were coming out, usually means something big is happening. David had met MANY of the stars this way, so I fully trusted him.


Then Richard walked out…and my knees buckled. What if he didn’t want to do a pic? What if he was a jerk and every romantic memory of his love ballads were ruined forever? That’s a lot of pressure on this poor guy- he IS just a man. And like a movie playing out before me…I asked him with my shaky voice “Mr. Marx, I have loved you forever. Can I get a picture with you?” And he said “Yes, of course. Thank you.”  The picture speaks words- that’s my ugly “HOLY CRAP I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW” face that it comes off like my face is morphing into someone else. LOL I walked away from him in tears, walking back to the front row, and marinating in what just happened. ( A HUGE thank you to David for taking THE picture)!


He took the stage, and I just was a big pile of goo. The nostalgia of hearing “Endless Summer Nights, Hold Onto the Night, Right Here Waiting, Should’ve Known Better, Angelia, Don’t Know Nothing, Satisfied, Now and Forever” and it goes on and on. The “Anastasia” fan in me would’ve loved to hear him sing “At the Beginning” but I know he has so many hits, I am sure it’s hard for him to choose for such a short amount of time. I stayed for all three Concerts, watching them with dear girlfriends, Beatrice and Wendy for the second and third.


He was amazing and if by chance he reads this ever (you never know, quarantine gives many of us a lot of time for things like this) know Richard that you helped me through every romance, the good and the bad. When I didn’t have words anymore, when the tears wouldn’t fall, I always had your music to sooth me to slumber and wake up with hope for a better relationship the next time around. So thank you, you matter and your purpose is an AMAZING one. I hope to see you again in Concert again someday.


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