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A Universal Studios Christmas

When rough times come, I feel we hold onto the good times even tighter. Once what were maybe small moments, become larger than life memories. We dig far into our dreams to remember the times of maskless shopping and seeing our loved ones whenever we wanted too.  Last year at this time, my oldest daughter, Kyra, and I had one of my favorite memories ever. We went to Universal Studios for the day and we had THE most amazing time. From Butterbeer to Scooby and the Gang, and everything in between, it was the holiday of holidays and I wanted to share our fun times with you today.


I know this year is different with the Characters and such, but I truly hope they are back to normal next year because they have such a great variety!  I don’t know what it is with Shrek, Kyra gives me a hard time because I truly love the movie and the attraction even more. Did you know that the Shrek attraction is haunted? For real! It housed the old Alfred Hitchcock attraction and they say he likes to show up now and then at it.

rsz_img_6580 (1)

Anyways, they had a great Christmas parade during the day with Shrek and friends and I geeked out! Gingy, the Three Blind Mice, Shrek and Fiona, and of course, Puss in Boots. The Cast was so much fun to interact with, and to get the pics with the characters were easy and quick.

rsz_img_6573 (1)rsz_img_6572rsz_img_6587

The rest of our day was hanging with Dora, Scooby and the Gang, and just playing in the Park. We have a tradition of butterbeers in Diagon Ally and always a ride with E.T. It was just a really nice day, and these are the days I must hold onto while we all try to conquer this year.

Tis the Season to Give!

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