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My Top Ten Favorite Places I Visited in 2020

Let me start by saying that many even reading this title will say “Are you talking about to my living room or to my kitchen?” I. Get. It. I also know that I made the best of a bad year as much as I could by finding the silver lining whenever and however I could. Because I travel solo, I was able to enjoy a lot because I could stay away from the public in many circumstances as possible. And because this is my passion and purpose, I still found a way to travel, so here are my top ten places I visited this past year- enjoy!


  1. Woodstock, IL I had no idea that the town of Woodstock was the home turf of the movie “Groundhog Day.” It was so fun to walk around and see so many of the filming locations and how much to town has embraced it- including the famous Bed & Breakfast that he stayed at in the movie. Check out the full article HERE.
  2. Route 66 through Illinois– By chance, I stopped at a rest stop to use the bathroom and saw a “Route 66” guidebook in the lobby. This would take me on a full day of tracing every Route 66 spot from city to city until dark. Fun to do and safe- check it out HERE.
  3. John Hughes Road Trip What started as looking for the “Home Alone” house became a quest to find all of his movies within a 100 mile radius. Everything from “Sixteen Candles” to “The Breakfast Club” and ending up at his grave to thank him for all the great movies. It was great and HIGHLY recommend you drive it for yourself! Check it out HERE.
  4. Chicago– two different day trips to the windy city where I enjoyed all of Michigan Avenue, the Loop area, and of course, the Disney Store. Complete with my first Metra ride!
  5. Galena, IL– this picturesque town is something out of a romance novel. With it’s quaint shops, beautiful parks, old homes, and amazing restaurants, it’s the old Main Street we crave more and more these days. Check it out HERE.
  6. Casey, IL– the little town with BIG dreams! I LOVED going here because it was genius how they turned a town on the decline into a major tourist attraction. Click HERE to see why!
  7. The Old Joliet Prison- I did the daytime and nighttime tours, they were really fascinating with a side of creepiness in the evening.
  8. Lincoln’s Tomb- It was so surreal to be where he was laid to rest, along with the rest of his family.
  9. Lincoln’s Presidential Library- It was my first visit to any Presidential Library and it was SO worth it! The presentation, the shows, the overall history of his legacy was a day of goosebumps. Check this one out!
  10. Billy Goat Tavern- known from “Saturday Night Live” and a local hang out to many now famous comedians and celebrities, this hidden gem under Michigan Avenue was THE coolest place!

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