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That Time Dad Built a Droid

If you followed my Dad’s visit, you know that Craig and I surprised him with the ultimate Star Wars experience. Reserving not only a lightsaber build, but also right after I had managed to secure a droid build for the same night. No easy task, but it all worked out, so I was pretty pumped to surprise him with the night of nights in a Star Wars fan’s life.


We arrived at Batuu on a beautiful evening in December of 2019. After a blue milk and lightsaber build, it was time to descend upon the Droid Depot at the Black Spire Outpost. Dad was able to bring me in as his plus one, but he was the only one to build the droid.  I figured he couldn’t head back to Wisconsin without a R2 model, so that’s what he chose.


Among a huge conveyor belt of parts and pieces, you choose what model you would like to build- an R2 or a BB8 type.  Once you have your treasures in hand, you are instructed to a spot where the instructions are laid out on a placemat before you. The Droid workers than come around to check if you need help, and then of course, help bring your fella or gal, to life! It is a really cool experience for the young and old, and even better if you like droids or Star Wars in general.  Basically a way cooler “Build a Bear.”

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This magic will cost you $99.99 per droid. Now, they have lots of extras for a price, including a really cool backpack case so your droid can talk to others while you wear it on your back.  Included in the price are the cardboard homes for your unit, which is fun to walk around the Park with because they talk to each other when you come close to another droid.  In fact, they have a cool little spot on Batuu where your droid can come out and play with others, it’s fun to watch!  When we got home, Dad’s droid had a fun interaction with Kyra’s.


Now due to Covid this year, you must have a reservation to the Parks. So it makes getting the droid and lightsaber reservations that more tricky because you first have to score a Studios one! Studios has been the hottest Park since “Rise of the Resistance” has opened, so all the stars have to align. Good luck and enjoy the droid!

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