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My Ghost Tour at “The Stanley Hotel” aka “The Shining” Hotel

While booking and planning my road trip in 2018, I came across the Stanley while planning my leg through Colorado. The hotel that birthed one of the scariest stories out there, “The Shining,” surely could produce the ghost tours of ghost tours. And so I called my good pal Darby and signed us up for the late night tour- going to bed that night SO excited!


After my first time in Rocky Mountain National Park, then lunch and shopping in Estes Park, I counted down the hours to my first steps to the Stanley.  Darby and I got there as the sun set, taking pictures before the tour started.  We headed to the basement where we gathered for our tour in a side room.  Our host checked us in, and we were on our way to the ballroom.


The ballroom tour took us to the choir loft area, the main room, and then the basement where there is a lot of paranormal activity. Here is where she taught us to put a sucker in our hands, a dum dum to be exact, and to turn it upside down. As you held it in your hand, the spirit then could move it back and forth to tell you they were present. Some of the group’s moved, some didn’t- mine, while everyone watched, bent slowly down and back. My hand never moved, no wind, no heat on, it was really cool! 


We entered a side room where they explained the Madam likes to hang out, and as I walked in with the tour guide, I could smell roses really strong.  She asked me if something was wrong, and I said quietly to her, do you smell that? She said no, what do you smell? I said, Roses, and she smiled and said “she’s Here.” I was the only one who smelled it.

rsz_img_2793rsz_img_2818 (1)

We then walked around the outside and back into the Hotel basement, and into the old tunnel connects under it. This was the oldest and spookiest part of the tour and property, and I LOVED IT. They turned off the lights for a while and I just took pic after pic- but Darby got the best pic of the night. It’s an orb flying over my leg in the tunnel- great catch girl! It felt incredibly heavy down there and definitely more “devious” than the ballroom. I wouldn’t have been comfortable being in their alone, ever.


The tour costs $28 per person, a bit cheaper if you are a hotel guest. Now I went before Covid hit, so now it looks like they are limiting the tours to only 10 guests, masks required. Is it worth it? HECK YEAH!! It had a GREAT spooky vibe, you get a to see some of the hotel, but I wish they had toured MORE of the hotel area, and not just the ballroom and basement. So if you think you are in for a tour of the famous rooms and such, youre out of luck, they are usually occupied due to their popularity. ALSO keep that in mind if you roam the halls on your own, they don’t want you disturbing guests sleeping while you ghost hunt.  I hope to be back here again with a stay AT the hotel and then another ghost tour- you never know what you will see!


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