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Festival of the Arts at Epcot

An added Festival to Epcot’s evergrowing list of Celebrations, this one is unique. Why? Well, they used to do something like it in the old “Downtown Disney” West side area…before it was known as “Springs.” What I love about this one is that they combine the food booths to not only compliment the numerous works of art, but the food THEMSELVES are works of art.  The creative geniuses have made this the eye candy of eye candy, and you won’t want to leave without some type of artwork in your possession.

rsz_img_9607 (1)

This past year, I really enjoyed the butterfly photo opps that were on the walls at the bottom of “The Land” area on you way to “Imagination.” At times this area DID get congested, so it will be interesting to see if they bring it back next month for the 2021 Season.

rsz_img_9655 (1)rsz_img_9653

The food? SO MUCH FOOD! I love that they switch it up and make it new from Festival to Festival. It makes locals like myself happy to try something new and different, and the one timers to the Parks don’t know the difference.

The Merch was super fun this year! I got the mug with the paint lid that peeled off and you could use it as a coaster underneath it. I wasn’t sold on the Jersey as much, but loved the Annual Passholder shirts sold in paint cans- so creative!!

rsz_img_9620rsz_img_9622 (1)rsz_img_9617rsz_img_9616 (1)

With every Festival, they would give out a new Annual Passholder magnet and sometimes a new Popcorn bucket would debut…this year it was the “Skyliner” car bucket.


One of my absolute favorite things they do is the sidewalk chalk art. Every time I went into Epcot they would have a new one, hence the rain would wash them away or they would just wash them away and make new ones. Either or, they were my favorite to see. Some would be 3D and you could take a pic “inside” them, others were just beautiful to look at.


The art booths are aplenty here! They DO NOT like you taking photos inside the booths and of their personal artwork, so respect that and just enjoy the goodness that they are. BUT you can take full advantage of the famous painting photo opps around World Showcase- Photopass can usually be found in these areas.

rsz_img_9767 (1)rsz_img_9761 (1)rsz_img_9715rsz_img_9670

It was an amazing day with Craig and one of my favorite Disney memories this past year…before things got “weird.”  Here’s to hoping 2021 is a heck of a lot lighter and happier! Watch for my 2021 Festival of the Arts pictures coming next month. Enjoy!

In Giving, We Create Art.

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