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Some of My Favorite Photopass Pictures Taken

Since the conception of Photopass at Disney World, it has been a fun scavenger hunt for many of us to find that special spot or magic shot for our collection of memories. I have SO MANY that I’d have to say this is my favorites of the ones I could actually find. Are you like me where you have changed different computers, memory cards stacking up, etc? Half my stuff on this computer, half on the other…I could spend weeks just organizing the pics I have taken. So we are going with my favorites I could find thus far….and I will share more as I dig deeper into other sources.

I’m going to kick it off with one of THE funniest Photopass pics I have ever taken…not for what “I” am doing in the picture, but what the experience came down too. Wendy and I were hanging out at Studios, something we did often over the years, and decided to make it a “Character Evening” and see how many we could hit in one night. So we mosey on over to the Star Wars Bay and see if Kylo is home and wants to come out and play. Sort of speak. It’s our turn, and he was just awkward. We didn’t know how to pose, how to react, it was this script he had (recorded possibly) that made the entire experience this ODDEST one I have ever had at Disney. Hence, this pic among MANY shows the confusion with Wendy and I and it deserved to be here.


The next one comes to you from Star Wars weekends. During the summer, Studios would host these weekends in celebration of everything Star Wars. The best part were the Celebs who you could meet and get pics with, on top of some really fun photo opps. This particular year they had the Rancor from “Return of the Jedi” and we all lost our minds! So my friends and I did this funny pose with it, thus the Rancor photo was born.


This next picture really needs no introduction….you can read all about my nightmare HERE when I rode Everest for the first time. Yep, I was terrified, was pretty surprised I made it off the ride with dry shorts honestly. Pretty much why this picture is gold….it’s the only time I will ever be on this ride and thus the forever evidence stands.

rsz_img_9154 (1)

Another Wendy moment of the same evening, but it’s HER that makes this such a fun picture. We were chatting it up with Woody and Buzz and just shooting the breeze…not sure what was said here anymore for her to make this moment or why I am laughing so hard. But it just makes me smile everytime I see it because of the moment caught.


Emily and Kyra, my daughters, wanted my hubby, Craig and I, to ride “Slinky Dog” with them for the first time. I agreed, but it IS an open air coaster, which makes this heights girl VERY nervous and scared. Thankfully we rode it in the dark, and I didn’t think it was too scary, but Craig’s face tells a completely different story. (The girls were in a section behind us, not shown)


For my 45th Birthday, I decided to get pics with 45 Disney Characters (or more) in all 4 Parks total. There were so many wonderful ones, but my favorite wasn’t even with a Character. This one was taken by Photopass but I had edited and cropped it, hence why it looks different than the others. If you didn’t know, you can ask to hold the balloons for a GREAT pic!


I have a lot like the one below…so I picked this one just because it was the year they had brought Scrooge McDuck to Animal Kingdom. I love that Photopass catches these moments of pure joy, it’s the finest example of what a hug brings people….oh, the magic!


It would be an insanely early morning in 2019 that Kymie Walker and I met up to tour Galaxy’s Edge on its OPENING DAY!! We had so much fun that day that I will FOREVER remember it with just one glance at this picture- May the Force Be With You!

rsz_img_0422 (1)

In 2019, our family dressed up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. One of the photo opps were with all of the Three Hitchhiking Ghosts from “Haunted Mansion.” I was SOOOO excited to get this one- I am Ellie from UP and Kyra is Nani from Lilo and Stitch.


This last one of one of my favorites because it was on a good year where Craig and I were working on our health and feeling really good about ourselves. I love our smiles in it!


I hope you have loved this collection, I know I will be sharing more in the future! Thanks for stopping by and I will see YOU in the Parks.

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