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Festival of the Arts at Epcot on 1.21.2021

I have been so busy getting ready for my big online garage sale, that I haven’t had much time to hit the Parks in the last couple of weeks. Normally I get in 3x a week, stream and share as I go, but prepping and preparing items for sale takes a lot of my time these days oh AND planning a years long journey across the U.S.A. No biggie right? So I was MORE than happy today to get into Epcot finally for a little me time and a little work as well- enjoy!

Festival Of The Arts 2021 66

First off, let me say that today was the quietest day yet for me at Epcot in many, many years. I could have walked right on to Soarin, and still walked right on to Frozen an hour later. I don’t think I walked past more than a couple hundred people in total, and I walked the entire thing. The advantage of being in the Parks during the day is getting the quiet time, PLUS enjoying many areas without any people even around yet. Even walking World Showcase after the lunch hour, I found it very peaceful and few people.

Festival Of The Arts 2021 16Festival Of The Arts 2021 17Festival Of The Arts 2021 48

I was pleasantly surprised that the “Ratatouille” area was partially open, albeit the Restrooms, but still a cool preview and a great shot of the Skyliner going overhead. Check out my LIVE video of it on my Facebook page at The Relocated Tourist and MANY more I share every week!

As far as the Festival went, it had some of the same photo opps as years past, and many of the butterfly wings were back, with some new ones to boot! I loved seeing the adult and child version of “Figment” photo opps, always a great use of the construction walls that hide the graveyard of Epcot past.

One of my favorite things to check out every year is the “Chalk Art.” Fantastic artists making amazing, beautiful works of art from the use of chalk reside on the walkway to and from the World Showcase. Up and down the right and left sides, the artwork changes many times over the Festival Season, with always a cornerstone piece on the end of some type of 3-D image that you can take your picture in.

The food…this year I decided to shake things up. I made the decision that I would not only try something different, but also something out of my comfort zone.  That I would treat myself on occasion, and that it would have to fit the confines of my Disney gift card (every penny from now until June is invested into the blog and trip). So thank you to those who have gifted me the chance to eat without stressing about the money part of it- MUCH appreciated!  Today I dined near the Germany area, at the kiosk which celebrated “Braised dishes inspired by classic art of the 18th and 19th Centuries.”  I read the menu and actually said out loud “I’m going to TREAT MYSELF” and said to the Cast Member, “one of each please.” The ribs were divine….moist, delicious. The chicken was new to me, a delicacy that I had heard of and did try -it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t the ribs LOL.  And that Opera cake…..I begged the Phantom to sing to me with each bite…yeah, no, I wish, but it was REALLY good! The light piece of chocolate that laid upon the cake was absolutely sinful…maybe it sang to my soul? Is that why it’s called “Opera Cake?” The World may never know….. with a bottle of water with my purchased lot of a lunch, the total was around $22.

Festival Of The Arts 2021 51FestivalFood

The merch….how do I put this nicely, I was not a fan of the color scheme or the Figment print. (And I LOVE that little guy!) I was pretty happy I didn’t like it because as most of you know, I am working on selling a lot of my stuff, and with how much work this has been to get ready for, I had ZERO desire to buy a single thing.  So, win, win. 

Festival Of The Arts 2021 65Festival Of The Arts 2021 67Festival Of The Arts 2021 47

The artwork and artists are ALWAYS a joy to meet, talk to, and drool over their amazing talents. If you are looking for any type of artwork, not just Disney, this is a perfect place to stroll the Countries, have a bite to eat, and maybe take a piece or two home to remember your Disney vacation. This Festival is 5 years old now and it has been a journey to watch it morph into what it is in it’s present form. I was happy to see that the exhibits stretched to the Test Track area as well.

A delight for the eyes, a delicacy for your taste buds, and the amazing feeling that you supported an Artist makes this a Festival not to be missed!

Thank you for your kindness.

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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