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Where I’m at with Planning my Trip

So I have always thought of my life as the “Coming Attractions.”  I live for the moment, but I am really excited for what is to come. And planning these road trips, and this being the mother of all adventures, I find myself in a space of constantly taking notes inside my head- probably should put those on paper. So here is where I am at.


I have a notebook designated with a page or two to each State, what I want to do, what I NEED to do, and what would be nice if I have time.  I have a week allocated to each State, with CA, TX, NY, WI and maybe more being 2 weeks because of the amount of things I want to do and see and people I want to spend time with.  I have a Restaurant place list going, tours list going, the must sees list going…and so on.


The biggest challenge has been the route, trying to avoid the snow during the Winter months while focusing on the South during that season. Finding what is best for Spring vs Fall, and hoping that it just “fits” with the route.  I for see a lot of states being traveled through back and forth a couple of times for what I want to see and do vs the seasons.  Meh, I’ll be fine. Maybe.


I have several categories of interest that I would like to check off in each State, and I know, they are a variety that most don’t know about me. FIRST, I LOVE Movie and TV locations. So I want to find as many as I can, CA being the mecca.  Second, I LOVE National Parks and nature. Lots of National Parks to see, State Parks, love waterfalls and scenery, and I LOVE a good “sit and stare at God’s creation” moment.  Third, I love ghost tours! I love the thrill and excitement, so I am working on locations around the Country that I have always wanted to stay in, visit, or tour. Fourth, bring on the fun and interesting places to eat! I am a Foodie at heart and I am all about trying new cuisine.  Fifth, NEW EXPERIENCES period!  Maybe I will zip line for the first time? Who knows? Sixth, MEET UP WITH YOU!!  See my Online family in the flesh (yeah that sounds nasty but you know what I mean). Show me your town, your favorite place to eat, what makes your town AMAZING!! Seventh, I like Cemeteries…..yeah, yeah, I know, I am wierd. Too bad- I like them. They are peaceful to me and I enjoy finding famous graves and paying my respects. That’s what they’re there for, might as well look. Eighth, finding the Disney magic in each State….a scavenger hunt you could say.


Lastly, and most importantly, I want to make new friends and connect with people.  Not sure the how and why of this one, but I have something BIG to announce next month about what I am thinking, pretty pumped to share it with yall!


There is so much happening within the walls of my brain that I am just trying to keep up. Shedding all of my Disney and other possessions was step one, then the REAL planning of this adventure really kicks in with March and April. Trying to enjoy my Disney before I leave, scheduling out my States, spending time with the family, and also finding my individual voice WHILE still running from Covid. 

I got this right? Please tell me I got this. LOL 

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  1. Yes, Amy….You GOT this!!! You are amazing! I am a bit envious of your adventurous spirit, but I am also so proud of you for it! Keep at it, girl! Yes, you got this!


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