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Should I Camp, Hotel, AirBnb, Sleep on the Side of the Road?

Honestly the route was the toughest step to get done, but by far the second is how to sleep, stay, and be comfortable at night. We all have our routines, and I am just like everybody else that way.  So walk through my thought process with me, albeit a scary one, and let me know your thoughts on this.


I know I am a solo traveler, and GASP, a woman, but I know how to handle myself. That being said, I don’t know how many times I still get the “YOU’RE TRAVELING ALONE??? BY YOURSELF?”  Yes, that’s what solo means. Lol I know dangers lurk around every corner, but I also know self defense and I try to always be aware of my surroundings. Also if you constantly live in fear for what COULD go wrong you will always miss out on what could go RIGHT. ALL THAT TO BE SAID….I have NEVER done an Air BnB before and would LOVE some insight on them and if they are SAFE.  It sounds like an awesome time to stay with strangers who could be potentially new friends, or they murder me in my sleep, so there’s that.


Camping- so my family owned a Camping Resort while I grew up, yes, bet some of you didn’t know that! So I know how to fish, camp, start a fire, etc… even go frogging and cook up frog legs – DO NOT TELL KERMIT- HE WOULD NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN!   I feel like I know how to take care of myself camping, but it is A LOT of work, and how fun would it be alone? Would other campers invite me over for a sit and chat? Would I want to? Is it safe? Will bears eat me in the middle of the night? So many questions….


Hotels are the easiest and the most expensive. Even if I spend $50 a night, that’s adding up REAL fast! I don’t mind Super 8’s and Red Roof Inns on the road because it’s usually just for the sleep and that’s it, but some of them don’t clean as well as they should and with Covid still being around I’m sure when I hit the road, it makes me nervous. Last summer I stayed at several and wiped down everything I touched when staying at ANY hotel.  It’s the risk I take I guess.


I have several homes lined up and people to stay with, so that will help to get some love/friendship on the road. I need it for my soul…I can only be alone so long before I crave human interaction… won’t apologize for it, just who I am, can’t do anything about it. So for those of you who have offered, I will se you, and I APPRECIATE the help.  It means you like me, you believe in me, and that will NEVER go unnoticed!!

IMG_0427 (1)

Let me know what YOU would do, where you would stay, etc… I am driving my car, not flying. No, I can’t afford an RV and no I don’t have a van to sleep in.  Just answering the questions I KNOW people will ask LOL  Yes, this is my adventure and I AM ready for it, just trying to find the most economical way of enjoying it with me, myself, and I….. HAH, see, I’m not alone, I have two others with me!! Yep, I’m going crazy…join the ride.

Thank you for supporting my dreams!!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Disney, Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!




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  1. Hi Amy! Air bnb can be a great way to stay. The offerings can be a room with a shared bath all the way up to a whole house. My daughter only stays in air bnb when she travels with her boyfriend. They usually get a studio. They recently stayed in Lake Buena Vista for 50 a night. I have stayed in a couple and they were clean even though I would recommend bringing a lot of Clorox wipes along on your trip. I think a tent would be awesome especially in some National Parks. KOA campgrounds are usually very clean and safe. I think read the reviews on anything and you will be find. They make tents that open with a push button and would be easy and quick. Since you said you will be carrying an air mattress that would work great! I love camping and the National Parks are cheap. Buy a can of bear spray and you will be fine! Also nice to have when hiking!!! I would also recommend joining hotel reward programs and stick to those so you can earn points and get free nights! Some have credit cards attached that will offer lots of points for signing up. Off season you should be able to find some great rates! The National Park campgrounds fill quickly so if you have dates I would reserve now. Covid may have changed this but I have read that a lot of folks are camping because it’s safer. You could even get a little camp stove and heat up soup or canned stuff really cheap. Not sure how big your car is as to how much stuff you can fit. We always stay at Candy Cane Inn when we visit Disneyland. It is within walking distance, they offer a complimentary buffet breakfast ( nothing hot but lots of bagels, donuts, yogurt, hard boiled eggs etc) and they are reasonable if it’s not during high demand. They even have a shuttle if you are tired from a long day at the parks and they are the nicest!!!! I know you will want to splurge on some hotels every now and then. I think if you do a variety of these things then you will not get tired of it. Camping for long periods of time I would think would be hard but there is nothing better than the fresh air and smell of a campfire under the awesome starry nights that you will find out west and I think campers are some of the most friendly folks out there!!! I will be putting together some ideas for you and will send them!!


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