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Car Camping….is it for Me?

As big a dreamer as I am, I am also pretty grounded to the Earth. I realize the cost of hoteling it night after night would wreak havoc on my bottom line, so I started thinking about camping during the warmer months.  My make and year of my car aren’t necessary to the story, but let’s just say I don’t have an SUV or Motorhome. So I have to get creative and decide on tent camping, or camping in my car. Here is what I have found!


So some of you may know, as I have referenced it before, that my family owned a Camping Resort up North in Wisconsin. My Dad taught me how to make fire, fish, and survival skills to the best of his knowledge.  I am not a pro, but I feel I would be able to camp without hesitation due to being around it and watching it for many years. BUT putting up a tent on my own vs with someone else to help is a whole, other story.  I am capable, yes, but I am talking a pop tent where I just unfold it and VOILA – tent! The stakes, the tarps, all of the extras that go with it sounds like a lot of work. On top of the air mattress I will need in the tent so I don’t wake up with a sore back, and then there is the wildlife that may stop by for a party or three that I have NOT invited them too.


Ok with all that in mind, it led me down the rabbit hole of car camping. Basically a pretty way of saying “living out of your car.”  Now, I don’t have a trunk like most that folds down like a van or SUV would- providing slumber stretched out.  BUT I found on Wayfair an air mattress that is built for your back seat! Now, I am going to wind up sleeping in the fetal position, BUT, I will be OFF the ground, and in a safe vehicle that LOCKS at night with an alarm- which honestly would make me feel much safer.  I can still bring a camping chair, make a fire, and chill outside my car until bed- just without the stress of the whole “get the tent up” part.  Now I have to fill the air mattress every time I want to use it, OR, I will over it up in the back seat so it is not obvious.  Then add privacy screens for the windows, and a really, REALLY good sleeping bag for cold temps overnight, and I should be good to go!

So what are your thoughts? Have you car camped on your own or with your family? I don’t know if I would do it with someone else, there just isn’t enough room, but I can see doing it as one.  It’s not the ONLY way I will stay overnight, but it’s a nice “in between” idea for hotels and staying with friends and family.  People say I should get a dog for the trip- great idea but I have enough to take care of with me, myself, and I. The three of us are MORE than enough to look after. Post your thoughts in the comments along with any tips you may have for me to make it easier. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Amy- I think this trip of yours sounds amazing!! I’ve never camped alone but I have a friend in Texas who has gone on multiple camping trips by herself. Let me know if you would like her info to ask questions. I personally like sleeping in tents but I also understand the safety factor of being in a car with an alarm. I think the air mattress sounds pretty cool and cozy. Go for it!


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