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100 Days Today!!!

I have exactly 100 days today to get everything done before I hit the road…..eeesh.  I feel like I am doing everything I can, every day I can, and still there is always something left to do when I crawl into bed. 

So the sale is going well, albeit the glitch of PayPal being a crime boss, I hope and pray that I will get my stippen of givings that I have worked my tail off for, some time before August. It seems just incredibly sad these days that we trust in these large companies to do the “right thing” (whatever that it is in Corporate speak anymore) yet they use us, abuse us, and kick us to the curb. I didn’t even get change thrown at me like in the movies.  So, we shall see what happens. For now I am using “Zelle” and I actually love it much more.  It is instant, it records it, and it’s just safer. Now, I have used it all of a day, but so far, so good. Please keep buying, you are HELPING me support my dream and you have NO IDEA how badly I need this right now.  It’s just very, very important to me and my well- being, and for them to take it like that, it’s just cruel.  So THANK YOU to those who have had patience with me, who understood this wasn’t my fault, and who have NEVER left my side.  You are my heroes after that day of stress.

I have a shelf in my room that I have deemed my “travel shelf.”  The items that I have been purchasing over the last two months for my trip, the fun stuff, the books, the stickers, the night time glasses, and headache relief tools.  I bought an air mattress for my back seat that I have to test out this week- I will do a blog post on it so you can all see if this was a great buy or a great bust!


There is so much I need to write about BEFORE I leave, then so much I can’t WAIT to write about once I hit the road.  I honestly can’t wait to be done with the Sale so I can firm up my budget, and creatively now that I am missing a chunk of it, and still get online what I was HOPING to show yall next month. Delays will sadly happen now due to the budget, but I will figure a way to get my ideas out before I head out.

Mom is in TX right now, so I have been checking on her every day, praying for all those dealing with the unsavory weather hitting them.  I grew up with those temps, but those who haven’t, and weren’t ready for it or their State wasn’t, it’s really terrifying.  I can’t even imagine what those are going through, so I do think my problems are really nothing compared to theirs.  It’s been a coping mechanism of mine forever- I may be dealing with something hurtful to me, but someone, somewhere, is hurting way worse and it helps shift my attention, efforts, and empathy to someone else who needs it more. Stay humble and you stay grounded.

So I move forward. This whole “money” thing reminds me of something that actually happened to my Mom.  She and her friends were having a garage sale and a young man walked up and began talking to her. She said they were having a lovely conversation, and then he just smiled, grabbed their cash box, and ran.  My mom and her friends were devastated…so they prayed in the driveway(after calling the Police) and asked God to either bring the money back or that the man use it if he needed it that badly.  In a crazy twist of fate, the Cops found him, and they were returned every single dollar back.  I don’t know what happened of the man, just that he returned the money to the Police for my Mom.  I guess what I’m saying is that I have faith I will be ok, and praying that PayPal gives me my money back.  And if not? I can only hope in some karmic way it’s used for something good.

I plan on, I write on, and just keep staying positive-  because I am just too darn lazy to stay angry. Let the countdown begin!

WE ALL NEED A TRIP!!!! HELP ME, HELP YOU!!! The Relocated Tourist is sponsored by Exclusive Travel Partners.…booking through me supports my mission and I appreciate that VERY much. Click the link and thank you!



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