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What Makes us Want to Travel?

My gosh, do I LOVE a good plan. The idea as it starts to simmer in my brain, the action taken as things come together, the product of what comes of all of it. To me it’s like that first bite of a REALLY good steak, or that rush when the wine finally hits your system.  I get EXCITED and that adreline is truly like a drug.  I was thinking of recent what makes me want to travel so much, why I don’t like staying in one place for very long.  Join me on this deep dive of travel thought.

Maybe it starts as kids? My Mom and Dad took Ryan and I to Niagara Falls, Canada, up and down the Midwest, and eventually our first trip to Disney World.  I would sit in the back seat of our station wagon, or “grocery getter” and I would write down every city we drove through.  Foreshadowing much?  My Dad would ask what I was doing, and I would say “I want to remember all the Cities” and even though we were just passing by, I still wanted to write them down.  Those notes are still in my memory box today. THAT Amy had no idea what she was in for.

Fast forward to getting married and having kids, I have always encouraged my family to seek adventure. If we didn’t have a lot of money, I would scour the coupon sections, the newspaper on Sundays, and eventually the Internet, looking for deals like Groupon to do with the fam.  There was and always IS something to do, I just feel people get lazy on WANTING to do the research.  Whereas our parents hopped in their car and came upon something, which you still can, this World is so big and so full now, that much to be enjoyed requires full attention and reservation.  For a Disney trip, we would plan and countdown for a year if not more.  Yes, children and marriage were the center more than travel at the time, but we still found a way to show our kids a slice of the American dream.

And now today. My kids are grown and finding their paths in life, Craig and I are close, but the road calls to me more than anything.  I wish I understood it. I see so many others who are complacent in living these cozy filled home lives, and I wonder why I don’t want the same. But we all know, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and should be avoided at all costs.  I know, I am lucky and blessed to do this, but it is scary at the same time. I leave the comforts of the same bed, same home, same everything for the unexpected adventure that comes with unexpected bravery.  I am not getting any younger, WHAT am I waiting for?  Well, these HUGE journeys take time and money, and I am stacking both as much as I can for what lies ahead.  A side note, thank you to those who have supported this crazy idea, it means A LOT to me! 

So what makes us travel? Well, for me, I just want to see and do as much as I can while I am on this spinning blue marble. I want to meet as many people as I can, help as many people as I can, share love and joy with as many as I can.  I want to leave a legacy of a life well lived and something my children see as a challenge to rise too.  To LIVE adventure, not just choose it. To BE what life presents you, instead of just floating in it. There is so much out there to see, to experience, to taste, to live. And what people don’t realize is that traveling isn’t just about getting in your car or a plane. It’s about leaving the day to day behind and finding something deeper in your soul that’s waiting to be woken. It’s about seeing different perspectives, different cultures, and embracing the uniqueness of each individual you come in contact with.  Yes, for most it’s a week off work, but what can and WILL change you, if you LET it, is letting the travel make home in your soul so that you carry it with you to the next.  To work our lives away, and I know it’s how we put food on the table, isn’t something that should define our adult existence. Yes, it takes a huge chunk, but I bet you haven’t ever wondered about that extra hour you should have worked compared to that extra hour you spent laughing with someone over dinner, or that extra hour your family decided to stay somewhere longer. Honestly, I think everyone needs a good vacation after the year of Hell we have all had. Or a stiff drink and an order of Chinese food…whatever fits your fancy.

Travel, for me, is freedom. What is travel to you?


Thank you for your support!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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