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16 Days and Counting…..

Well after a bit of a whirlwind week, I feel I am getting the ground back under my feet this morning. As with life, you just have to go with the flow, and I have been trying to practice this mantra every time I wake up it seems.  I don’t know if yall realize the magnitude of preparing for a trip like this, or a year away from a steady home life, but the emotional rollercoaster that I have been on is to say, at the least, a very bizarre and magical ride.

Of course, I am excited. But I am also terrified, nervous, etc of what lies ahead in my life. There are so many moving parts to this story, so many that will be revealed as the trip moves forward. But for now, I enjoy these last couple of weeks in Florida, while trying to continue the momentous plans of each State. Every day I have either booked a tour, a hotel, a camping spot, or an attraction ticket. I am trying to stay ahead of this and have a lot planned so that I can spend my time enjoying the days and not planning the next ones.  The idea will be to “Live in the Day” and not worry about the next. Hence if they are all mostly planned, I will just refer to my schedule at the end of every day and hopefully say “Ah yes, that is tomorrow, how fun!” and off I go to bed. We both know, life isn’t like that, but hey, let’s stay positive LOL.

I had to have my car all ready to go, or as I call her, “Ellie.” Ellie got a much needed tune-up, new tires, and also all of her engine mounts replaced. All her fluids are topped off, and I am thankful she gets GREAT gas mileage! Thankfully this was all done in the past month and I didn’t wait last minute, as her mounts were hard to get ordered and in, so I am grateful to the timing of it all.

I also had been praying hard about my vaccination timing. I didn’t know if I would get one, let alone both, in before I hit the road. I wanted to feel confident in traveling with it, PLUS, I want others to know and feel that I care about them and their families that I was vaccinated and that it was safe for me to stay at their homes or hang out with them for the day. So, YAY on getting that done! Even with the side effects yesterday, I just grin and bore it. I knew it was for the greater good, and THAT it was feels amazing on the other side of it today.

I have lots of Disney Park time scheduled this week, including meeting a new friend which I am excited about. Trying to cram everything in now before I head out, it is a blessing and a wonder I can stand straight anymore with everything that is starting to mount in my head. I want to do this right, I want to do it with everything contained in my soul and spirit, and I want to enjoy the ride.

I FINALLY got my Store up and running and it would do me such a great honor if you checked it out and supported me by purchasing a shirt, hat, or pin.  Every dollar you help me with helps me spread the kindness even more across this great Nation this year. Please check it out HERE so we can wear matching shirts when I see you! For those that don’t know, I will be wearing my “Spread Kindness” shirt every day of this quest, journey, adventure, mission… and I hope to see others wearing it as well 😊

Off to Disney Springs today to do some light shopping and a bite to eat. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and I will see you soon!


Thanks for your support!

MY PAYPAL IS BACK UP!! Thank you to everyone who supports me on this HUGE journey, as it helps with everything I will be doing on my “Spread Kindness” Tour!


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