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Why Kindness? Why Not?!

6 days and counting……oh boy. I am asked frequently “Are you ready?” And my answer is always a very clear “Oh heck no!” Why? Well, I have planned only so far, as I figure I will plan on the road as well.  I will have plenty of down time when alone in hotel rooms to look at the next steps and States, so  I’m not too worried about that…yet.  I have done my homework for a lot of things,  booked tours ahead of time that are very popular like Alcatraz and rides up to Pikes Peak. Hotels vs Camping is the back and forth of my planning, what is available and hoping what I find is what I see online.  My shirts are all in for myself to wear, and now I will be sporting new snazzy glasses to match (first time in my life wearing glasses- I had a good run LOL).  And speaking of my “Spreading Kindness” shirts…I was recently asked why have a theme or mission at all? Just go right? Ah, well then you just don’t know me yet.  

Maybe it’s just easier for me to give, but kindness is free. It doesn’t take much to hold a door open, say good morning, smile at a stranger (when we don’t have a mask on obviously), to check in on a friend going through hard times, or meet up with someone for a walk.  These small acts can make the biggest impact on someone’s day, that we probably will never see or witness.  I don’t know how many times I was having a hard day, and someone smiled at me and said hello, or extended me grace when I was crabby. It actually works to extend it to others when they cut us off or they are being salty, I think “Must be having a bad day” and I move on with life.  The thing is, we don’t know someone’s circumstances. You may think you are treating someone to a toll behind you in line on the highway- but what you didn’t know is that person was just crying their eyes out, can’t find any change, and is panicking that they don’t have the simple amount to just get on with their day- you just became their hero.  Some may call it karma, but I call it kindness. You reap what you sow? Maybe, but then I feel the intention is something else. We wind up doing things to stay out of the bad place, or feeding our ego.  I think it’s more than that- I think in helping each other every day the World just runs better. 

I know people will ask about my shirt- that’s the point.  So I can explain my mission statement, so I can talk about all the wonderful ways I want to help.  And, of course, I hope I am able to do everything from the small to the big.  It will depend on the place, circumstance, and also my safety.  I don’t want to become a walking target for people to take advantage of either, so rest assured I will be mindful.

THANK YOU to everyone who has bought my Merch thus far and supported me through Paypal or Zelle.  My Paypal IS up and running again….one day I got a donation, and I thought “Hey, that’s weird, it’s supposed to be fully frozen.” I had a friend drop a dollar in to see if it worked…and voila- it did and I transferred my money SO FAST!! LOL  So I will keep using it for the sake of small amounts and also people seem to trust it more than other pay systems.   I hope many will buy the shirts so you can wear them when I see you, or wear them in support of my large adventure.

6 days…. Time to get ready for Epcot and say “see ya later” to Disney until January. Have a great day!


Help Me Help Others 🙂

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! Spreading the kindness is my goal on this amazing journey, and I thank you for helping me make magic for so many people. So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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