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To Whom It May Concern on my Birthday,

               Actually, this is to the Amy, myself, of the future. Today is your 47th Birthday and you are on one of the most amazing, and scariest trips, of your life.  I write to you today so that when you see this 10, 20, or 30 years down the road (pending I live that long) that you know what you were and ARE capable of.

               Silly how writing a letter to your future self can bring so many tears on such a happy day. I am forever grateful to the people who have sprinkled my life with pixie dust and moments of pure magic and light. This has been a tremendous year of change for you, persevering through things people wouldn’t understand, and facing the demons of the Pandemic and a climate full of hate.  You made it, lots of people made it, but some didn’t and I will forever think of them when I think of this time in my life as I move forward.

               Some think they know you, others actually do…and it’s the ones who continue to feed your soul that you need to shine off of.  Many don’t know any better, and they will continue to hate you for being you…and for that, in the spirit of kindness and this mission, I will just say “Be better, go in peace.”

               You are 22 days in or just over 3 weeks, with 49 more weeks to go! I don’t know what is in store for you, but I hope it’s days of sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. I hope that you don’t exhaust yourself, drink enough water, get enough sleep. I hope that you soak up every minute of this amazing life because it goes by SO quickly, and too many stay in slumber instead of waking in their dreams. I don’t know what will produce out of this…perhaps inspire others, spread kindness to those who really need it, be that light in someone’s darkness…or I just enjoy all 48 lower States. 

Don’t take a moment for granted, say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done.  Have the courage to approach people who need your help, but stay safe on the road. Empathy should never equal stupidity. Remember that my dear soul. People take advantage, and as we found out over the past several years, not everyone is as kind as you think they are.  Give the benefit of the doubt to many, but keep your safety goggles on at all times.

Last but not least, ENJOY this. Enjoy the scenery, the friends and family, the tours, the hotels. Yes, it will get long at some point, just rest and do nothing. Everyone who matters in your life will still be there, waiting in the wings and cheering you on, regardless if you are in the spotlight or on break in the back. Remember that it isn’t about numbers, likes, or attention. This is about YOU, finding yourself and figuring out WHO you are going to be when this done, WHERE you will be when this is done, and WHAT you will be doing when this is done.  Transformation is a terrifying endeavor, but you know what? So is staying stuck and not moving forward into the best person you can be and I refuse to stick.

 Be your bad ass self, don’t worry about who likes you or doesn’t, the outcome will and SHOULD be the same…what do YOU want for the rest of your life Amy? I can’t wait to see. Now go enjoy your birthday, you earned this day, and celebrate. See YOU in the future. “Everything is great, everything is grand…I got the whole wide world in the palm of my hands….”

Help me spread kindness on my Birthday!!

It’s my BIRTHDAY!!! Help me spread kindness today on my special day- thank you to all who do!


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