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Day 22: My Birthday in 2021

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Another day of getting up to early for my good made me wonder why…and then I realized what time the sun was starting to rise here. Yeah…it’s already starting to get light out in WI that early, with the sun soon to follow. Clearly it’s been messing with my sleep schedule, but I am trying to stay away from sleeping pills as long as I can because they make me feel really sluggish the next day. Not a fan. Great night’s sleep, but you’ll get nothing done the next day. Any suggestions I will gladly take. Anyways, onto the day.

It was my BIRTHDAY today!!! I packed up again, this time I swear making the impossible, possible. I am trying to make ONE bag the “everything I need every day” bag- so that it’s the MAIN bag. Then there are just other “extras” of things that I will eventually need- everything from extra underthings, vitamins, protein shakes, meds, and clothes. Basically Plan A, then B, and so on. It’s a bit stressful just trying to keep it all together, and keep everything straight. Once I was done playing Tetris with my luggage and my car, pretty sure I won that round, Dad had showed up to whisk me away to breakfast.

I have been blessed to spend my birthday with both my parents two years in a row. They have been divorced for over 20 years, but they both still live in WI and thankfully not to far from each other. It was a treat last year, and this year, to see them both on the day they had me. Dad and I nestled into the back porch of the “Scaturo’s” Restaurant in Sturgeon Bay. A thunder storm was rolling through and we enjoyed listening to it, the rain hitting the roof, and we had the patio to ourselves since nobody wanted to dine outside in the rain- it was really cool. Skillets were delicious, and Walter enjoyed sharing mine on this celebratory day.

I hugged my Dad and said my “See you next Summer” and tried not to cry as he drove away and I drove on to Mom’s in Green Bay. From one parent visit to another, Mom greeted me at the front door with her Mom hug. We chatted excitedly, as I grabbed my newly packed luggage, and then we headed inside to see Bob and see how he was doing since his heart attack a couple of months ago (yep this is the family side I went to help in Texas). He looks well, in better spirits, and of course, he met Walter. And he said “Who is he?” Fair warning, if you say this to me, I WILL make you watch the movie with me at some point LOL. Yes, I made Mom and Bob watch it tonight and they LOVED it- and honestly, the Muppets just make me feel better all the time, so I didn’t mind seeing it again so soon.

Mom and I went shopping, picking up for camping items for my trip to Yellowstone, and she is great for helping me boost my supplies to hold me over for a few months. Moms are great! We will go for hours, realize we haven’t eaten anything yet, and wonder why we feel off. SO I got super excited when I realized that I had forgotten something amazing in the area….the pizza of all pizzas, the Happy of all Joes, yes…… I was going to have my beloved Taco Pizza on my Birthday. #Perfectenschlag

Happy Joes was nice and quiet because we ate at like 3 p.m. – and “T” treated us VERY well. She is always working when I am there, and I was VERY happy the Business had survived!! I ordered the Taco Supreme Pizza, no black olives…..and when it came to the table, I was ready to openly weep. And if you don’t have a favorite food like that, get one. Life is too short not to have that “one” food that you think about…and don’t let anyone tell you it’s weird. They are weird. End of story.

She treated me to a birthday sundae AND a Happy Joes sticker for my suitcase of stickers. I made sure to spread the kindness back to “T” and she also asked me for my business card which I am always excited to give out. Great birthday meal, great time with Mom, and Walter was now introduced to the best thing on this planet.

The rest of the day was more shopping, cake at Mom’s house, and then the Muppet movie again. I am exhausted, I can’t wait until what tomorrow brings, thank you ALL for the countless Birthday wishes today – EVERY SINGLE ONE made me smile and feel the kindness and love. THANK YOU for being YOU. See you tomorrow!!

Thank you for your support!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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