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I Had Forgotten the Disney Feels…a Story About the Disney Commercials

So the one question I had been asked the most, living near Disney for the past 10 years, was “Does the magic get old?”  And for a while, you say “Of course not” and you go on your day down Main Street USA with a big, goofy grin on your face. But like everything that is amazing and filled with excitement at first, it starts to taper off when you are able to enjoy it repeatedly. We are all human and unfortunately it’s just part of our nature to “get used to things” and the new and exciting came in different forms like food, attractions, and shows.  But the OG stuff….the stuff that gave you goosebumps when you first heard the start to “Wishes” or “Illuminations.”   Those are the moments of magic I had forgotten, so used to walking by that parade for the 75th time or walking out during the fireworks to beat the crowds.

But being able to get back again, even if for just a small amount of time while I take care of family here…. Wow, I wasn’t prepared.  Picture this, Craig comes over every evening and we have been binging Disney movies, Ted Lasso, and the Walking Dead. Yeah, I know, weird combo. After the Super Bowl, Craig and I decided to watch old Disney commercials on You Tube. Now, I must warn you, I was caught off guard at how my entire body was affected.  I thought we would smile, and say lots of “Remember this one?”

But I wasn’t smiling….as each one played out I started to cry. Hell, I am crying writing this paragraph. I saw my little Kyra and Emily in their Princess dresses as they approached the front of MK for the first time, I saw my husband and I holding hands in my bridal gown and his tux as we walked down an empty Main Street to the Castle where we were married, I saw my family watching “Wishes” and “Happily Ever After” as we held each other and cried to the music.  I just wasn’t prepared. I looked over at Craig on the same couch we were sharing and I squeezed his hand and said “Are you ready to go back?”  It was a moment, and after everything, we will return to the Main Street USA, hand in hand, tears in our eyes, and believe it, we will be home. 

I didn’t think I would ever have THOSE kinds of feelings of visiting the Parks again, but when you live there, I think we take it for granted, not even meaning too. So, when people scoff at me about Disney, I just reply “You just don’t get it, and that’s ok. I do.”  I just had to share because it was everything I hadn’t felt in a really long time about the Parks. I encourage you to go and look up Disney Commercials 1990-2000 or any really.  Who can forget the infamous “I’m too excited to sleep” to the Million Dreams campaign?! Best promotion they ever did in my opinion! What was your favorite commercial? Disney theme or campaign? Leave it below in the comments and have a great day!

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