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The Volo Museum…The Disney Collections

Last summer, I was able to check out the Volo Museum in Volo, Illinois. Easy to find, great price to see it all, HIGHLY recommend for anyone, but especially for the Gen Xer in your life! I was confused at first thinking it was a “Volvo” Museum, nay, it’s “Volo” so get it right, don’t be an Amy.

Everything they have to offer at the Volo Museum area in Volo, IL
Where you purchase tickets for each attraction or for all of them.

I was BLOWN AWAY with how much they had here. Have you ever been too a museum, great example would be “House on the Rock” in Wisconsin, and you go from room to room, and you cannot BELIEVE your eyes? Oh it’s not just cars, I mean it’s their specialty, but it’s so much more! If you loved old cars? They got them! Cars from your favorite movie? Yes siree bob! Fonz’s jacket from “Happy Days?” Of course! The lifeboat from the movie “Captain Phillips?” Yep, got one too. A collection of Disney vehicles from the Parks? Sure thing! Seriously, I can’t explain what I saw, so please enjoy the pictures and video I will be sharing with you in each post.

In one aisle alone, they have display after display of Disney collections. Here we have “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves”.
Walter checks out “Peter Pan” and Neverland
Walter heads “Under the Sea” with Ariel and friends in “The Little Mermaid”
Hakuna Matata from Disney’s “The Lion King” with Walter
When I see an elephant fly…. “Dumbo” and Timothy Mouse
Tale as old as time…. “Beauty and the Beast”
Craig’s favorite Disney film, “101 Dalmatians”
Friend like Me….. “Aladdin”
“Fantasia” with Walter
Did Walter find Nemo?
“Monsters Inc”
Lightening McQueen from “Cars”
Tow Mater from “Cars”
Visit “Pete’s Garage” to watch a Disney Movie while visiting the Museum
One of the “Herbie” Love Bugs
The Double Decker Bus used at Disneyland and then at Epcot
“Disney Characters on Holiday” Double Decker Bus
Walter takes a ride on this special Disney memorabilia
Car used in Disney’s Magic Kingdom for Cinderella
Car used for “Barbie” at Disney’s Epcot Center
Apparently “Miss Piggy” also joined in on the fun!
Back in the day, Disney’s Animal Kingdom held a parade called “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade”
Disney Vehicles in “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade”
They play the Parade on the TV shown so you can see each vehicle in Animal Kingdom
Minnie’s adorable vehicle in the parade
THIS was one of the coolest parts of the Disney experience here. These are the ORIGINAL Disneyland Mold-o-rama Toy Factory Machines. For $10, and yes, I know you think that’s a bit much to make one, but hear me out, you can make a Blue Goofy, Red Mickey, or Yellow Donald. Why they are WORTH it, one-it’s a DISNEY Mold, you can’t get them in the Parks or in the Stores. Two-they are the ORIGINAL Machines, so they are stamped on the bottom with “Walt Disney Productions.” If you know your Disney, you will know that “Walt Disney Productions” is the old stuff, and if you are a collector, you look for that stamp on the Disney merch from back in the day. Three- it’s just a cool souvenir, something very unique, and it’s like a trip to the Zoo when you were a kid. PLUS, they are really cool to watch!
Goofy is born!

This is just SOME of what you will find here at the Volo Museum, check out my next posts about my other favorite collections I saw. Thanks for stopping by!


Thank you for your kindness and support!

I aspire to inspire the love of travel and seeing this wonderful Country.



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