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The Volo Museum… T.V. and Film Automobiles

Previously said in yesterday’s post, THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!! If you watched “Knight Rider” as a kid like I did, dreamed of one day riding inside “Kitt” or listening to “Grease Lightening” and hoping you could be Sandra Dee in that beautiful car at the Drive-In- THEY are BOTH here! Not only them, but vehicles from “The Munsters”, “Beverly Hillbillies” to movies like “Christine” and “National Lampoons Vacation.”

Video of what Volo Museum looks like
I mean, ITS KITT !!!!!!! My FAVORITE TV show growing up was “Knight Rider”
The inside of “KITT”
“Grease Lightening”

They do a great job of presentation with each display- some have autographs from the cast, some have the details from the movie or show, and I love that they play the soundtrack and video clips showcasing the memorabilia in front of you. It really is cool.

“Back to the Future” Delorean
The Family Truckster from “National Lampoons Vacation”
They have “Aunt Edna”….. too funny!
That poor pup!
Who you gonna call? I have so much love for this film and its actors. Check out my Ghostbusters Photo Shoot at MegaCon in Orlando and my visit to Harold Ramis’s grave to pay my respects to my favorite Ghostbuster.
I love this movie so much, I recently just bought a shirt and Tervis at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida- check them out!
Back of the Ecto Mobile
“Ghostbusters” is one of my favorite films!
“Die Another Day” James Bond Car
All you horror fans, heads up at one of THE most iconic cars in the genre! Stephen King’s “Christine” hangs out here, incredibly cool.
You can’t talk about famous cars in Illinois without a nod to these bad boys of the blues. Yes, it’s THE “Blues Brothers” Car! Check out my post about finding all of the cool spots the “Blues Brothers” can be found in Illinois!
If you found yourself in front of the television on Friday nights in the 80s, you’d find “Miami Vice” ruling the tv waves.
Nothing original here, but a cool display of “Star Wars” nonetheless.
“Bumblebee” from “Transformers”
A vehicle from “Mad Max”
One of the OG “General Lees” from the show “Dukes of Hazzard”
Autographs from the Cast of “Dukes of Hazzard”
Such a cool vehicle from “The Munsters”
Munsters Selfie!
The magical vehicle from the movie “Cat in the Hat”
“Speed Racer”
“Terminator 3” Hearse
“The Dark Knight” car… filmed in Chicago, IL
“Alien” was one of the coolest ones there
Yes, it’s the real one from “Beverly Hillbillies”
Princess Diana owned car
Britney Spears car
“Captain Phillips” Lifeboat entrance side
Inside of the Lifeboat

SO MANY to see and so much nostalgia stuffed into this place, my head was about to burst. My pictures will explain better, enjoy and leave a comment on which one was your favorite and which one you WISH had been there but wasn’t. Like, subscribe to the Blog, and check out what else there is to see in Illinois!

Thank you for your support and kindness!

Yes, this is my full-time gig and I LOVE to inspire anyone and everyone to travel this amazing blue marble. Thanks to everyone who comes a long for the ride and makes my dreams come true- you are the best!



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