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The Volo Museum… Jurassic Gardens

So not only do they have classic cars, movie cars, tv cars, and one of the coolest pizza parlors I have ever seen…. they have DINOSAURS!!! Yes, you heard me- a Jurassic dream. Whether you love them or a little one you know would love to check them out, this is the place to be. Unlike Dinosaur World, which is mostly outdoors, this is all inside, so a great rainy-day activity to boot. I loved that they had so many species, some moved, some made noises, and I didn’t feel they were scary for little ones at all. Walter and I had a great time playing in here, getting photos all over the place. Thankfully I was the only there, so I didn’t get the “side eye” for playing with Dinos with my Muppet LOL. Why the Muppet? His name is “Walter” and he joined me on my cross-country road trip last year which you can read about HERE. Enjoy the pics and check out the site.

Jurassic Gardens in Volo, IL

Thank you for your kindness and support!

Traveling this amazing blue marble has been a passion of mine over the last decade, and it’s even more rewarding sharing the experiences with you. I aspire to inspire the joy of enjoying adventure in your life and seeing this wonderful world. Thanks for believing in me!


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