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Day 3…”Center for Puppetry Arts” Part Two: The “Muppet Show” and Muppet Movies Collection

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Before we get any further in this post, please know this is PART TWO of the “Center for Puppetry Arts” and even though you can read them separately, I don’t want you to miss out on the “Sesame Street” section before this- check it out HERE. Also, there will be more parts to follow that include Muppets from “Fraggle Rock”, “Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth.”

As said before, I didn’t spoil anything by looking ahead. I didn’t look online; I had just heard from someone that there was a Jim Henson Collection here and that I HAD to check it out. Not only was this person right, but it would be in the top 5 favorite things I saw on my road trip! And for being only DAY 3, that was a pretty tall order. But with every turn in this place. I shrieked more.

So we all have those “family things” that only you and yours truly “get.” Forever, “Mahna Mahna” has been a song, and friend, to us over the years. I watched as a child, so did Craig, and then we watched this sketch with our kids…then they included it in Walter’s “The Muppet Movie.” So when I came out of the Sesame Street area and turned to see MAHNA MAHNA- I called the entire family so they were all on FaceTime so I could share who was there. THEY FREAKED OUT!!! Such a great moment, plus I kept them on the phone as I toured more….the best to come.

Mahna Mahna…doo doo doo doo

They had an original Kermit the Frog, and I am sure they have many of him, but just seeing one of him in front of me was so freaking cool. Scooter was also there, and I about died seeing two of the “PIGS IN SPAAAAAACCCCCEEEEE.” (I truly hope you heard it in the Muppet voice used for that sketch.)

Also in the same area they showcased some of the Muppets and Memorabilia from the film “Muppet Treasure Island.” If you have seen it, there is a song they sing called “Cabin Fever” which our family sang once on one of our DIsney trips that went wayyyy too long. Yeah, they can be to long, trust me. So, another inside joke but I did laugh out loud when I saw them.

Back in the day, there was this sweet film called “Emmett Otters Jug-Band Christmas” that my mom just LOVED! So excited to see Muppets from the film, along with more memorabilia.

Stay tuned for……. “Dance your cares away, worries for another day. Let the music play…. DOWN IN FRAGGLE ROCK!!!” Part Three….see who shows up from one of THE best Children shows for us Gen-Xers.

Thank you for spending time with me!

I love spreading kindness by aspiring to inspire the love of adventure and travel. Every dollar you donate is invested in sharing my time and stories with you so that YOU TOO can enjoy these amazing places on the big, blue spinning marble. See you on the road!


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