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Day 3…”Center for Puppetry Arts” Part One: The “Sesame Street” Collection

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

When looking for things to tour and check out in Georgia, I came across the “Center for Puppetry Arts” located in downtown Atlanta.  As a Muppet fan, Sesame Street fan, Dark Crystal fan and Labyrinth…well, this was the top of the Mountain for me today.  And Walter? He was more excited than I was! Honestly it just worked out really well that my Mascot just happened to BE a Muppet.  I have enjoyed many a thing up until this moment…but people…this was like meeting myself as a child…and we stood face to face among all of my childhood friends.  

Christa and I driving into Atlanta, Georgia

Center for Puppetry of the Arts

So with mask optional, I wore it while touring, but I did take it down for pics (we were alone in most of the rooms most of the time). The Jim Henson Collection was what I came for…I literally took a deep breath before I stepped into the Exhibit Hall. See, I didn’t look into what was there…I just knew that they had a Jim Henson Collection with a large Sesame Street collection.   I’m that person that wants to be surprised…I don’t need to know every little last detail about a thing or place because I want that excitement in coming across it for myself. And let me tell you, this method has never failed for me.  If I missed out on something, I would never know because it’s already past or gone.  So queue the moment when I walked in…

Big Bird’s Nest as you enter the building…great photo opportunity!
Entrance to the Puppetry Area
The Jim Henson Collection entrance… my childhood in one building.

First, they go through Jim Henson’s History, showing off his office and his Emmys and then onto a Creation area on how they created the Muppets.  But it’s the entrance to Sesame Street that took my breath away…seeing Ernie and Bert there to greet me….oh the tears welled up.  There was Big Bird and Oscar…across the way was Elmo, Grover, and Cookie Monster.  I wanted to sing, color, learn my alphabet all over again with my childhood heroes.  It was just a moment I will never forget.  And if you think I am being immature….hell yeah I am and you clearly don’t know me.  I am HELLA proud of my childlike heart…it grounds me in this World of cynics and critics. Give me a Muppet any day.

Jim Henson’s Office
JIm Henson’s Desk
More Jim Henson Office goodness
More Henson office goodies.
Henson’s Emmys and Platinum and Gold Records
Sherlock Hemlock
“Brad” looks like Bert’s evil twin
…and their sister, Bertha
Muppet Workspace
Bert and Ernie greet you as you start your journey on “Sesame Street”
Oh, my heart! Big Bird was that childhood friend who always was so happy to see, whereas Grouch always made me giggle and taught us it’s ok to be a grouch!
Roosevelt Franklin
THE Cookie Monster- which as a kid I wondered how he didn’t choke on his cookies LOL
Elmo… my kids got more into him
Grover was the best…Craig’s favorite.
Filming “Sesame Street”

This was just ONE collection of the Jim Henson wing, so I decided to split them up in different posts for an easier read. I was here for hours I was so in love with this place, I just marinated in my childhood. It. Was. The. Best! Check out the next section, which is “The Muppet Show” and the Muppet Movies.

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