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Day 5…Part Two: The Haunted “Waverly Hills Sanatorium” Ghost Tour

Friday, June 5th, 2021

The Paranormal…I have loved it since my grandma decided to visit me the night she passed away. Seeing that as a 12-year-old changes your perspective on ghosts and the afterlife, and since then, I have been curious about the subject. As the years have passed, I have followed several shows that covered the afterlife. I started out with “Ghost Hunters” and then eventually landed on “Ghost Adventurers” which I am absolutely in love with! Both shows, like MANY on YouTube and in the field, have covered THE most haunted place in the United States. A Sanitorium that sits high on a hill in Kentucky, away from civilization and the world around it, this is Waverly Hills.

TAPS also known as “Ghost Hunters”
Gorgeous sunset in Louisville, KY on the way to “Waverly Hills”

I asked Stephanie to join me on a ghost tour, because that’s what you do when going here. We booked a guided tour, $25.00 each, from 10 pm to Midnight. Yes, two dark and scary hours with nothing but the guide’s flashlight and the goosebumps on the back of your neck. I WAS SO EXCITED!!! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of stories, EVPs, and pictures that prove this place is as haunted as it gets! As we drove up the winding road, paved with pebbles and lined with trees that barely let the moonlight through, I recorded the experience with extreme delight.

The drive up to “Waverly Hills”

At the main gate, they check you in with your ticket. Zero access with that ticket, you can’t even SEE the place from that spot- it’s THAT hidden back on the hill. Once we checked in, we drove up the hill and parked. Getting out, I just stood and stared in awe. Here she was, the grand dame of the Paranormal Party and boy she was a sight! I couldn’t wait to get in and explore, so we found the side door where they have you head upstairs and wait in a large room until the entire group is there. I would say about 40 people showed up, and to me, it was way to big. I was happy they broke us down into smaller groups which were about 10-15 people. What is so messed up is that they hold a Haunted House here in the Fall, so you see coffins laying around for that and it does add to the scariness of it.

We started down in the “Body Chute” which was incredibly daunting. It was quite cool down there, there was mist stirring halfway down the tunnel. They shut the lights off for a little while to listen and see if anything would talk to us, but there, nothing did.

The Basement
The Body Chute

We proceeded around the building, going from floor to floor, landing on the 4th floor that seemed the MOST active. So, part of the tour is to ask for volunteers to walk down the hallway on their own to see if they feel or see anything being on their own while the rest of us watch. Well, as the guide was speaking, I was watching her and not the volunteer walking down the hallway…and I “kid” you not. A little boy ran RIGHT behind the guide, clear as day to me. I shouted out what I just saw, and she said “Yeah, this is an active floor for kids.” It was the coolest thing ever! Don’t ask me to explain it, I can’t. I just know what I saw with my own two eyes!

Do you see anything next to me?

We toured the roof, which was SO COOL with the gargoyles and the activity of the kids playing with the balls up there. Lastly, we checked out the morgue, the medical room, and the haunted elevator before heading out. I loved every minute of the tour; it was excellent, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. They have ones where you can sleepover, explore all on your own during the 3 am hour and longer, or the entire night! I doubt Stephanie wants to do an overnight, but I will figure out someone to brave it with me. (Craig is a big old NOPE on that one! LOL)

The moonlight on the rooftop
The haunted elevator
The Morgue
Items found around Waverly Hills

I barely could sleep that night from the adrenaline, but I needed to get some sleep for the races the next day. See you at Churchill Downs tomorrow!

Thank you for your kindness and support!

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