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Day 11 … DeKalb, Ellwood House Museum

Friday, June 11th, 2021

There are so many reasons why I don’t like Florida during the summers, but the heat and humidity top the list. And then the Midwest gets this blast of Hell fire this last week, and I wonder if it is actually cooler in Florida. No one should ever walk out the front door and scream “Oh my God” while trying to learn how to breathe again….it’s been hot.

I still love to garage sale, even though I have become quite the Minimalist. Quite proud of selling my Disney collection for this larger than life trip, but I still enjoy a find or two now and then.  We headed out, manned with water bottles fit for an army, hitting up a suburb sale. I was super excited to find items for others, but after only an hour, the heat zapped my energy and I was just exhausted.  It was pathetic honestly, I should be ready for this heat, but all I wanted was a nap.

On the travel agenda was the “Ellwood House” in DeKalb, a beautiful mansion built in 1879 by Isaac Ellwood.  He got into the barbed wire business, and not only became incredibly popular for it, but was able to use the money to build this spectacular Victorian style home.  I would love to share pictures with you of the inside, but to preserve the original furniture and fixtures, they ask that no pictures be taken.  Just imagine parlors with ornate fireplaces, a spiral staircase, velvet lined walls, breathtaking ceilings, and of course, a wine cellar. But my FAVORITE part is actually in the back yard…a full size play house he had built for his daughters.  With two adult size doors, you can actually walk into it and see all the doll rooms the kids would have played in- Walter LOVED it!  It is a beautiful place and I highly recommend you check it out.

I would love to say I got some AMAZING lunch today, but the heat got to me, as the Mansion we toured did NOT have a/c- it was VERY hot inside. So after the tour, I was just done. I just wanted something quick and to head back and take a much needed nap. After the much needed recharge, we headed to Hollywood Palms to watch a movie amongst crowds again. Relaxed in recliner seating, dinner ordered, it was time for “A Quiet Place 2” and I settled in.  It was REALLY good and definitely left me wanting another hour of it! 

Today’s Moments of Kindness: I had such a great time getting to know our tour guide today that I gave her great tips on other tours, and ghost tours, in IL. We made sure to know her bosses knew how awesome she was.

Another day, another great memory.  Today was more rest than play, but honestly I need those.  I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow, have a good one!

Thank you for your kindness!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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