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Day 21: “Morning Glory” Breakfast, Door County, and “Al Johnson’s” and the goats!

Monday, June 21st, 2021

Oh, my, goodness, look at all of those “21’s.” After getting up at 4:30 a.m., yep you read that correctly, I actually got a lot done. Filled out some postcards, mailed them later today, tweaked the blog, worked on my luggage, and enjoyed some YouTube while still easing into my day.  I had gone to bed extremely early last night, and as you all know, the earlier you go to bed, the earlier, at least for me, I wake up.  It’s a double curse, but I needed to go to bed early.  I snuck a nap in today as well, so I am feeling really good right now to blog.

Dad and I headed out to “Morning Glory” for breakfast today…I ordered a DELICIOUS breakfast veggie skillet in this adorable, cozy breakfast nook.  I always love having my Dad’s full attention, normally if my brother is there, they joke the whole time and I don’t feel like I get any “real” time with him. So it was just nice to chat about everything from what he is going through, and I as well. Some amazing hills and valleys we both have endured and still keep coming out stronger…as it should be.

Walter had taken a break yesterday in my car, he wanted his space so I of course had to invite him a long after such a nice rest.  Dad and I drove up the Peninsula again, but it was fun to watch my Dad get into where we should get Walter’s picture taken. Door County has some amazing views, and even cooler artistic pieces all over the place, so it was fun to find these like a scavenger hunt for my Muppet.

Dad gets into hanging out with Walter.
This picture is hilarious because it was SOOO windy out, so Walter’s hair is just windblown. These Bear Statues can be found in Sturgeon Bay, WI, at the Arby’s Gas Station.
So as you enter Door County, there would be this very large gnome on the main road in. He has since been relocated to a different side road, but he can still be found in Door County.
You know, he has only one facial expression, and yet he looks so different in every pic taken! Here he is in front of a Log Cabin Restaurant that Dad and I like to eat at.
We passed these peeps and had to pull over and grab a pic.
What a BEARY nice day.
Walter really likes bacon and ham.
The VERY haunted “Noble House” found in Egg Harbor, WI. I caught an apparition in the window here on camera.
I caught a ghost in the door pictured behind Walter on a previous visit.
A Muppet with a love for Art… how classy.
Any photo opp I could find, we pulled over for lol
The cherry on top, one must always go see the goats on top of the “Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant.”

I have to say, my warm Florida blood was in literal shock today at the 55 degrees and cooler yet by the water.  Even with a warm sweatshirt on and leggings, I still found my self running to Dad’s truck after every stop because I was so cold.  I remember when this was “warm” to me…. Lol

So we were driving around and I said “Well Dad you know Walter is from a Muppet Movie called “The Muppets.”  He said “ I have never seen it Amy….” And it is as if the clouds parted and the sun came out because I had one hell of an idea! I would find the movie and THIS would be the day my Dad would see it, and we would have this cool bonding moment over the Muppets…but no store carried it here.  Dad doesn’t have Disney Plus or stream….so I wound up using my account off my laptop and streaming onto his T.V. – and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!!   I will tell you the only thing that really “triggers” home sickness is the Castle and music played before every Disney film…so I was happy when it was over.  I watched my Dad tear up as Kermit sang about his old friends, and how that Muppet magic is STILL there! Seriously, 21 days I have been on the road and STILL my favorite thing so far has been the Muppet Museum.  It’s my childhood….nothing can compete with it. I can’t wait to go back to that Museum and bring my family and friends to see it. PLUS Dad now “gets” Walter.

A great day, it went too fast, but I get to see him for breakfast in the morning and then it’s off to Mom’s in Green Bay for a bit. See you tomorrow!!

Thank you for your kindness!!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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