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The Number 22 and my Birthday

So it’s my Birthday today, and like most we like to look back on our year, and perhaps fall even deeper down the rabbit hole and dare look at our life as a whole, and reflect. It’s the spry time of 5:30 a.m. here, nobody is awake yet, so I open the screen door and listen to the sounds of the birds, and the local garbage truck empty the dumpster in the parking lot behind my house. Comparable to this past year? Possibly. So many things to be thankful for and so many things I would like to bury in the deepest grave and never speak of again. Good times.

The number 22- some people believe in numbers, a sign from the universe that life is on track or maybe just a nod that your path isn’t all in vain. It has been a thing all my life- born on the 22nd, I have seen that number in or on something every day of my life. What’s the big deal right? It seems to be a comforting number to many, as I deep dived into the meaning of it and found that it’s a “Master Number.” Reminds me of a line from the Office and it’s a quick quip that if you listened right the first one, milk should have shot out your nose. Dwight says “I’m a decent baiter. My cousin Mose, that’s a master baiter.” I don’t have enough time in the World if you don’t get that joke, but that’s all that crosses my mind when I hear the word “Master” used with anything. LOL

Anyways, the number usually crosses my path on a receipt, a bill, a license plate, and so on. If it’s on a license plate, I smile and think someone from that State is saying hello to me. If it’s on a receipt, I smile and think that I was meant to make that purchase. If it’s on a bill….well I just throw that sucker into the garbage, jk. It’s just something I have had all my life and wondered if anyone else does this with numbers. I had an ex-friend tell me once that I was silly and foolish to believe in signs like numbers and such…. wonder why we are ex friends LOL.  Craig and I share the time 11:11- which adds to 22. If my race number adds to 22, or has the number in it, I know my race will be great. If i have a scheduled event on the 22nd of any month, I get excited a bit more about it. In the movie “Soul” from Disney, the one soul’s name was “22” and I about shrieked with glee. I am not creating any harm in this fun hobby of mine, nor am I making life decisions on it. Sometimes it just feels good to know you are on the right path and you need a little nudge to get you there.

So this birthday, my bucket list reads like New Years resolutions, but I think, more attainable as I grow older.

  1. Always working on my health- running, walking, losing weight, eating better
  2. Finding happiness in the moment, not the future.
  3. If a person isn’t bringing me happiness, let them go and be on your way.
  4. Adventure is in my top 5 priorities
  5. Less stuff, more memories
  6. Not everything is everyone’s business
  7. Silence is necessary to live a private life sometimes
  8. Spend as much time with my parents as possible as the hourglass grows short
  9. Find joy in spending time with myself
  10. Become a better version of myself each and every day

We shall see in a year how I did, but I have been doing many of them already and enjoy them as part of my daily routine now. A HUGE shout out and thanks to everyone for the early morning Birthday wishes, and for all the love and support you have given me this past year. Have a GREAT day!

Thanks for every donation!!

Thank you for every donation made as it makes me feel wonderful that my work is validated and enjoyed.


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