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Day 23: Hanging with Mom in Green Bay, WI

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021

There is something about waking up in your parent’s home, during a visit, that feels so safe and warm.  They cook for you, ask if you need laundry done, cater to your every need…and you wonder, why did you rush so much to leave home?  It’s such a sweet deal, who knew what was waiting for us all in adulthood. As my parents get older, health issues are arising, and it definitely is making me think about what I will do, or where I will be, after the traveling is done.  If I can be here for them to help, I will make it happen.  This trip is already revealing so much that I was blind too…. Quite amazing.

When I woke up this morning I thought about Bay Beach, maybe a Museum, or a lakefront walk.  Somehow what wound up happening was shopping, more shopping, and just logistical errands. Apparently I needed one of these days BADLY.  I thought I had picked up everything I needed for my trip, and yet I keep finding things that would GREATLY help me.  Yes Dad, I got my fire extinguisher and the first aid kit.  I joked with my Dad that I camp for all of 8 days, yet it’s probably what is the most “stuff” in my car. Then I said “I will also be VERY happy for the comfort and safety I have once it does happen because I took these extra steps for it.”  

As long as I have known, Emily, my youngest, LOVES “Fazzoli’s” Italian Restaurant.  When we moved from WI to FL, she was crushed to learn there were none in our area of Florida.  As the years rolled by, there would be a couple that popped back up near us in FL, we even drove her to Georgia one birthday JUST so she could have her favorite breadsticks there.  So of course, I needed to introduce Emily’s favorite place to Walter….I was also craving lasagna.  Mom and I dined on fast Italian goodies and chatted about the rest of our day.

Mom and I love to eat at Fazzolis 🙂

As we ate, I noticed a homeless man on the corner, and I asked an employee of the Restaurant if they knew who he was.  He said no, he just started showing up recently. So I made a decision that I wasn’t going to wonder or judge about who was “worthy” or not because that’s not my job. When I worked for a Homeless Ministry, I heard so many stories from the outside of the typical “They need to get a job” or “They are all drug dealers” and honestly it made me feel empty for the soul who was judging and so much more empathy for the homeless person standing in front of me.  Can you imagine how horrible it must be? To lose your home, job, family and friends? “They did it to themselves Amy” MAYBE but WHY do they need you to remind them of that at their lowest of lows? Enough judging, more loving.  You never know if that could be YOU one day, and what empathy you will be CRAVING for from a warm soul who just wants to help you.  I walked out and asked him if I could buy him lunch… I told him anything he wants. I went in, ordered, drink and a cookie too, and walked back out to give it to him.  He said most places won’t allow him to dine in because he is homeless….so I was happy to bring it to him. Nothing will ever bring you more peace than helping a soul in need of kindness in their darkest hour.  And if it was all just a scam? I fed someone. Period.

Mom and I then headed to Kohls, my home planet here in WI, and like we always do, I found a shirt to warm up in that would look cute over my kindness shirt.  Then off to Seroogys for chocolate turtles, Walter drooled at all of the sweets.  He would have really enjoyed Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, just saying.  Then off to Betty’s, Mom’s bestie, for Margaritas, Cheese, and Chocolate Strawberries while we chatted up the afternoon.

Seroogy’s in Green Bay is the devil…. every piece of chocolate is absolutely sinful!

In between running, I found time to make sure Walter met “The Others….” What you say Amy? Well since 1984, my Mom has been collecting dolls. She will tell you “WE” were, but honestly it’s mostly hers. I thought it would be fun to make a “Where’s Walter?” picture, have him at a tea party, and show y’all the “Others.”

Walter is either loving this or is utterly terrified…

Constantly putting my hair under a hat, I wasn’t paying much attention to it, but with every video I have done, I could see how much I needed something. The ends of my hair looked like frayed rope, and it was in desperate need of a cut and treatment. A hair cut at “Carolyn’s” in Green Bay for early evening was just what the hair doctor ordered, and I was pleasantly surprised by my hairtician “Morgan.” We talked Disney the entire visit, she cut, she curled….and she was KIND.  As I paid my bill on the way out, I ave he a giant tip and told her to use it for her first trip to Disney World.  She’s offered to freshen me up in the morning so I feel good and pretty for all the people I get to love on tomorrow in Sheboygan- how sweet is that?!? So Morgan, if you’re reading this, you are amazing, you are incredible, and you are going to do AMAZING things with your life!! 

See y’all tomorrow in Sheboygan….Walter CANNOT wait!

Thank you for your kindness!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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