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Day 29: Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store, Excelsior, MN and the Mall of America

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

Today has been a weird day.  Have you ever been one place and there’s a lot going on for other people somewhere else and you feel like you should be with them instead of where you are? Since I can’t, and since I wasn’t needed, I have to stuff that feeling deep down and keep moving forward. So, Ryan had to work today, so I had a free day to find something to do on my own and join him and the family later.  And since I know how to do my research pretty well, I got lucky with stuff that was close by to his house. So, let’s go explore!

First, I headed to the “Largest Candy Store in Minnesota.”  Located off a busy road, this large, and I mean, obnoxiously very yellow building, CANNOT be missed when driving by. I mean you’d literally have to have your eyes closed to miss this blaringly sweet sunspot. I wasn’t prepared walking into this place….although Spider Man hanging off the side of the building should have tipped me off. Because, you know, candy and Spider Man make sense right? LOL  Yeah, I didn’t get it either.  The entrance is lined with almost a “swap meet” feel…. Wares of yard signs, ornaments, and what nots line the sidewalk along with the “Largest Jigsaw Puzzle” framed here.

The sign and mural outside the store…. very cool 4D!
Is that Spiderman?

Then you step into this place and it’s like entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory….because I literally felt my jaw drop open with the sheer size of the place, the amount of candy lining every bit of space, and the theming was INSANE!!  Walter was so excited to get his picture taken, we had a blast moving from room to room, even grabbing some mints and candy cigarettes a long the way. I don’t even know how to remotely explain this place, just to say it is DEFINITELY a not miss if you find yourself in Jordan, MN!  Especially if you are looking for a certain candy, this is the place to find it!  I spent over an hour in here looking, reading, taking pics, and enjoying the feel of the place. Check it out!

It has several rooms with every sweet known to man!
There was something to look at in every direction, especially the ceiling!
Calling Doctor Who Fans
Anyone got a sock?
Waiting for Thanos to snap his fingers to about 6 years ago….
Reminded me of “Food Rocks” from Epcot back in the day
Iron Man
Tangled Scene
What’s the BIG idea?

Next I headed to Excelsior, MN….a quaint town nearby to the Candy Store. Located on the banks of Lake Minnetonka, I walked the yesteryear streets, enjoying the sunshine, and getting the vibe of the town. Not much open, so it was a brief stop, but an adorable place to grab a bite on Main Street  or grab Lake Wear for a day on the water.

I made a friend 🙂

Finally, you don’t come to the Minneapolis area without hitting the Mall of America. Is it kitschy? Of course it is, it’s just a big mall full of stores you have in your city or ones you have never heard of. Is it worth it? I mean, there is an Amusement Park in the middle, always fun for families, and the 4th floor is lined with lots of fun and cool Restaurants.  It was lunch time and the “Sugar Factory” looked fun an inviting. Yes, there is one near “The Eye” in Orlando, but I never ate at it.  So I enjoyed the Rainbow sliders, a nod to Pride Month and all of my friends who celebrate it, and I really thought they were pretty patties. (Yes, that’s a nod to SpongeBob via my oldest daughter).  They were really good, a bit salty for my taste, and yes, expensive, but the point was to try something new, somewhere new…mission accomplished. Walter was satisfied with burgers his size…probably tasted good after he hit the candy cigarettes pretty hard.

The Sugar Factory Menu
These were delicious and insanely filling!!
The fun dining room!
Walter helped me finish them!

I got about 7,000 steps in at the Mall, grabbing pics here and there of all the action, and left exhausted. Came back to Ryan’s and fell asleep, hard, and it felt amazing. Napping is key to this trip, recharges ye old brain for the evening of other goodies to be had, writing to be done, and energy to play with my nieces this evening.

Even though it was a quick visit, I got done what needed to in the time allotted for it. Off to Stillwater in the morning, see you tomorrow!  

Thank you for your kindness!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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