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Day 32: Roseville, MN, “Portillos” and my FAVORITE Hotel Room thus far!

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

For as long as I have been traveling over the past couple of years, I have gotten in this bad habit of escaping my hotel room the minute I wake up. I felt this anxious feeling that I just had to leave and move on, instead of just taking my time and leaning into the free space of time I was given. So today I did that….I got out of my comfort zone and I slept in a bit more. I decided to stay with that momentum and exercise, and then continue on with a routine that would help me more throughout my journey. I think it’s the piece I have been missing, so we shall see how the next 32 days go with it.

Side note, the New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Festival tickets went on sale at 10 am sharp this morning and I was able to grab my general admission, but more importantly, Club seats for one of the evenings. I will be able to compare the two, and that will be fun to see it from two different perspectives. I am SO EXCITED about this, it’s been on my bucket list forever!!

I checked out of Stillwater, staying at Coratel Inn and Suites. It served it’s purpose, and it was affordable. It’s funny how you can stare at these places for months online, read all the reviews, but still not have a clue to what it REALLY is like until you step foot inside the hotel.  I know that anything I pay around $50ish a night for, I am getting exactly that. Usually the room is worn down, and I am just taking it for the stop, a sleep, and on to the next. But some are longer stays, some make you feel tucked in and cozy, and this one definitely wasn’t that.  Everything was beat to heck in my room, the tv didn’t work at first, and the room wasn’t ready when I showed up well after check-in…like she still had to make the bed when I walked into the room.  Not a huge deal, but when you’re tired, you just want the privacy and quiet of a nap…ideally the bed made. LOL  By the way, I am keeping all of my room keys for something later, not sure what, maybe a fun art piece? Let me know what you think I could make with them.

A hop and skip, or 25 minutes down the road, is Roseville, MN. I picked this spot because I am spending tomorrow with a childhood friend. So it was a connection spot, nothing really planned. As I drove in, I saw an AMC and I thought “Hey, maybe something is playing that I would like to see this afternoon.” Sure enough, “Cruella” was still there, and I was dying to see this one. WHO doesn’t love Emma Stone? So Walter and I headed to the movies, his first, he was VERY excited, and he was happy I went to a Disney film and not the horror flick “The Purge” which came out today (the latest one). 

I was super excited to see this, and it was EXCELLENT!!

“Cruella” was EXCELLENT!!! I mean, I never looked away, I wasn’t bored, it held my attention from the first second to the last.  I loved how they did the opening credits, how they related it to the animated “101 Dalmatians,” and how the dots were all connected on what little we knew already about Cruella.  I suggest watching the animated movie first and then seeing this…I wish I had as a refresher. Craig is a HUGE 101 Dalmatians fan so I told him he HAS to go and see it when he gets the chance! (He played Roger at Disney’s Hollywood Studios back in the day on the movie sets you could tour).  I thought it was an incredible movie, and she deserves an Oscar for her performance- she was incredible. OH and it was my FIRST movie with my glasses- everything was crisp and clear, who knew?

It was so much fun!

After the flick, I headed to “Portillos” which was in the same area for “lupper.” Popcorn was lunch I guess, so I needed something a bit more healthy in my system to make it the rest of the day. I ordered my favorite chopped salad and a Diet Coke and headed to the Hotel to check-in for my next stay.  This room….o.m.g. I am pretty sure my latest hotel room is bigger than most apartments in big cities LOL. I love the space, great for my workouts in the morning, the layout feels open and airy, and the kitchen is a FULL kitchen. I normally just need a fridge…. Sometimes a microwave for soup I brought. (Trying to keep that for camping so I don’t get sick of it before then).  Because of migraines, for the last 30 years I would say I have slept with a soft, or hard, cold pack on my pillow. The pressure helps relieve the headache and the cold makes me just feel better.  I always feel silly asking my host “Is it ok to put my cold pack in your freezer?” The looks I am sure I get, I just avoid them because it’s something I really actually need to sleep ok.  I guess it’s just one of those “things” about me.

Such a nice and spacious suite!
LOVED the kitchen space!
I was super excited to find a Portillos!
Walter is geeked to be at his first Portillos!
The view from the bed…. snuggled in with my Portillos salad 🙂

The rest of the day I enjoyed my room, took a nap, and am now watching “Independence Day” and giggling that I got to meet Jeff Goldblum a couple of years ago…and he was every bit of kindness I thought he would be.  Besides, it’s the 4th weekend, and this is probably the extent of my celebration…aliens vs Bill Pullman or Paxton game. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just google it. Have a great night everybody, I will catch you tomorrow! HAH I forgot Cousin Eddie was in this….crop duster turned hero. Got to LOVE ‘Merica.

Thank you for your support!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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