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Day 37: Broken Boot Gold Mine Day Tour/Ghost Mine Tour and Deadwood

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

With an adventure this big, I had made sure to print out as much as I could when it came to tickets, reservations, and tours.  In case I didn’t have access to technology, I would at least have a hard copy of things paid for. SO fast forward this morning, and I cannot find my ticket for my Mine Tour. Not in my paperwork, not in my emails, I was freaking out a bit.  So my routine was a bit thrown off this morning, especially when I realized that Deadwood was an hour from here and so I had to figure that into the time along with gassing up my car for the day. It was just a lot this morning, but I not only got there WITH construction, but I got there with a minute to spare!

The “Broken Boot Gold Mine” tour was what I had signed up, including panning for gold afterwards. Thankfully I had proof I paid for it back in April, but I had never got a confirmation I guess. With so many things being booked, I must have overlooked it.  They let me in with the bank proof, and with my snazzy blue hard helmet, I was ready to go!  ($18 for adult to do both).  The tour lasted 30 minutes, and it was really cool to see such an old Mine.  At one point they shut the lights off for all of us to see how dark it would have been for them to move around- it was then I saw blue orbs floating around in the tunnel. Lights came on and I said “Do you have a ghost tour?” He mentioned a “Candlelight Tour” which he said is basically a ghost tour for that evening, and I signed up, only $10 was a steal! Also I did pan for gold afterwards, i found about $5 worth which they let you take home. Woohoo!

The entrance area…note how you aren’t going in an elevator or down steps; the entrance is right there into the side of the hill for the Mine.
I was so excited to be in the Mine- so creepy!
Some areas we could not walk into.
Walter felt like a Fraggle underground in the Mine
I found it easy to walk in.
Pan for gold after a Mine Tour.
Walter struck gold!

Headed then downtown, finding a parking lot near the old train station. $1 an hour to park, I thought was a great price and it was a nice and safe area to leave my car for the day.  I walked around the Main Street, in and out so many old Hotels, Casinos, and Saloons.  The Celebrity Hotel was a GREAT surprise, as they had a Museum as well of Movie memorabilia.  Here are some of the ones I loved!








Hungry and tired, I headed to “Mustang Sally’s” for lunch and a sit. I enjoyed sitting on the patio outside, until I saw my first wasp.  Thankfully it didn’t stick around…but it reminded me of why I don’t normally dine outside. I liked sitting on my phone and chilling while waiting for my chicken wings and breaded mushrooms to arrive.  THEY WERE DELICIOUS!! A tad on the pricey side, but worth it for the atmosphere and the food WAS good.


IMG_0729 (1)


More walking, more exploring. I came across a real-life Brothel, tours going on all day, so I jumped into the one that had just started. Learned a lot about the Madam life, the girls, and that they didn’t shut them all down until 1980. Correct, that late, I thought it was surprising. Great tour, guide was awesome, check it out when you are in town.





After the Brothel, I came across the Saloon where Wild Bill was shot and killed in the back of the head while sitting at a card game. He normally never sat with his back to the door, but this time it was the only chair open. He must have had a premonition about his life ending, as he had sent his woman a letter saying he didn’t think he would make it out of Deadwood alive. He was buried twice, the first time after his death, and the second time when they moved him to Mt. Moriah Cemetery. The crazy thing is when they exumed the the body for moving to the new grave, he was over 350 pounds! The embalming had bloated his body so badly that it had made him almost twice his size! You can see the old Saloon for $10 and a tour and narration of how it all went down. It was pretty cool to sit where he had sat and had such a tragic ending.






Looking for more to do, as I don’t really shop except for stickers, and I don’t drink when I am on my own, too many weirdos out there, and then I came across a tour bus selling tours around Deadwood and Mt. Moriah Cemetery up on the hill.  I should have researched it a bit more, but I had time to kill before my Mine ghost tour, so I signed up, $15 for adults, (CASH ONLY FOR MANY PLACES IN TOWN) and boarded at 2:30 the “Alkali Ike” Tours.











I am not going to say what he said to set me off, or to sour me to him out of the gate, but it just was really unnecessary for someone who is running a Touring Company. Also, it’s a family friendly tour, which means all ages are welcome. Now, after a long day, and you just want to sit and chill on a bus and listen to the guide talk…the last thing you want to hear is a child screaming and kicking your seat. Yes, this happened and I said nothing, the shirt doesn’t help these moments when I don’t want to be kind, I just wanted to chill and enjoy. So while child screamed and then Mom thought playing SpongeBob really loud on her phone would help him, it now completely distracted me from hearing most of the tour. So, I wasn’t feeling this tour at all. The Cemetery was cool, and I got to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane’s graves, but it should be advertised as a Cemetery Tour and not Deadwood, because he made some comments about things as we drove OUT of town, but nothing significant ABOUT the town. Let’s just say, I was happy to get off of it, and head to my ghost tour.






The Mine Ghost Tour started at 5:30 p.m. with a handful of people armed with battery operated candles as we descended into the darkness. You couldn’t see anything except the light from your candle and those in front of you. I FREAKING LOVED IT. I saw MANY orbs, but nothing else significant. Just cool to say I have now ghost hunted a Mine, and it was as cool as you would think it would be. Cold, dark, scary….amazing.  I HIGHLY recommend it, $10 for half an hour in a dark Mine….who wouldn’t? LOL New friends made once again, for the sake of ghost talk and spooky goodness!





An hour’s drive home, I filmed driving through the hills on the way to my Hotel and then made it back right before a big storm hit.  Nestled into bed, blogging once again, I am pooped and hoping you all had a good day. See you tomorrow!

Thank you for your support and kindness!!

I LOVE sharing the joy of Adventure, and Travel! Every dollar you support me with goes right back into my mission for equipment, gas, and essentials. But most importantly, when you support me financially it tells me you BELIEVE in me and MY VALUE, and that means more to me than ANYTHING! So THANK YOU for YOU!!


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