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Day 43: Bismarck, ND: Dakota Zoo and Capital

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

First morning in a new Hotel, always a rough one. I wake up not knowing where I am right away, and usually I don’t sleep very well. Wide awake at 4:30 a.m., I just sat on YouTube and watched videos, trying to get sleepy. Did some more travel research for this trip, specifically this week, and eventually fell back asleep.  I don’t know about you, but once my sleep schedule is messed up, my morning is completely thrown off. So I dragged myself out of bed, got through my routine, shake done, and I headed out to see Bismarck.


I am not sure why I chose this as my central location for this State, since many things I plan on seeing are a good couple hour car rides all sorts of directions.  Because of the long drive yesterday, I wanted to take it as easy as possible today while still getting out of my hotel room today.  I decided to fill my gas tank and get a car wash right away- the front of “Ellie” was nothing but bugs, it was super disgusting. After she was fed and cleaned, we headed to “Dakota Zoo” which was super close by.


Zoos can be hit and miss, but there isn’t much to do here, so there’s that. And man oh man, I LOVE getting surprised.  $10 admission for adults, it was a cheap date with Walter and I literally took it as a walk to stretch my legs and just enjoy the sunshine-animals were a bonus. 


First off, it was quiet. A couple of families here and there, but it was near empty. 70 degree weather, a light breeze, I am in my sandals and I am just LOVING life. I just took my sweet time from exhibit to exhibit, taking pics and drinking in the sunlight. Walter fell in love with the prairie dogs! After a couple of hours, I was starving and decided that lunch would be the classic hot dog, chips, and a Coke zero. I never loved a hot dog more…it was the most delicious thing on the planet in that moment. You know how that one food just hits the spot in that moment? I was in love with my small lunch, and I swung my legs like a little kid as I enjoyed each bits at my picnic table.














Now fed, I had more energy to do the “Wilderness Walk” which was a mile walk through the woods among deer, bison, reindeer, camels and bison.  Nobody was back there, so I just walked and talked to the animals for a good hour, it was amazing. To find such a peaceful place, without crowds, just by yourself…I had forgotten what peace felt like amongst the craziness and common days of Disney World.




I spent about 3 hours in the Zoo total- that includes my lunch time.  They have a train ride for an extra cost, and they have feeding stations all over the Zoo that take quarters only so bring your change!  Well worth the money and time, and such a nice break from the chaos of tourist traps. HIGHLY recommend “Dakota Zoo.” 


I drove to the Capital and took pics around the area, and then headed back to the Hotel for a much needed nap.






I haven’t figured out tomorrow yet, so let’s be surprised together LOL. See you then!

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