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A Perfect Parakeet Paradise…”Wildwood Wildlife Park” Budgie Encounter

               Over my birthday weekend this past year, Craig and I headed to “Wildwood Wildlife Park” formerly known as “Jim Peck’s Wildwood” located in Minocqua, Wisconsin. A bit of nostalgia you could say, I had started going here as a child with my family when we owned a camping resort in nearby Tomahawk. My Mom would load Ryan and I in the car and head over to feed the deer, visit the animals, and play with the goats. It was so much fun, so much that we would bring our oldest daughter here as a child, then I brought my friend there where we adopted our cat, Dory, and now we returned some almost 20 years later to see what had changed and what we remembered. I was PUMPED!!

               A lot can happen over decades, and you almost hold your breath as to what you are in for. Will it be the same as you remember? Or will it be rundown and forgotten like so many of the older attractions of the 80s succumb too. I will cover more of our day and experience down the road, but today I wanted to focus on an experience that Craig and I had that we just fell in love with- the parakeets!

               Now I know other theme parks do this, and to be honest, I don’t feel as well as Wildwoods did with their Aviary (Looking at you Gatorland). They built this gorgeous enclosure with tiny waterways, rocks, bridges, and trees. It reminded me of what Epcot does with the Butterfly tent during the Flower and Garden show, except theirs isn’t permanent. They had fenced the outside walls, so there was no glass, but open air for them and it kept a nice breeze going through there. We paid $3 a stick with birdseed on it, and then you just walk around holding it out and waiting for birds to land on you.

               Why is this so cool? Well, we don’t own birds. We don’t interact with them daily, and it’s so neat to see them up close, landing on our head, our hands and even our feet. No fear, they are happy to eat the treats you provide, if you treat them with respect. I can’t stand when kids run at them or adults freak out…yes, it’s alarming to feel them ON YOUR HEAD, but hey, you signed up for anything when you walked into the area. Personally, I would love lots of parakeets to land on me and just have that cool connection with them. Every time a new one would land, they would let you pet them, I would of course talk to them, and if you were lucky, multiples would be eating off one at once. The only thing I had to be extremely careful about was watching where I walked…they are so little and so many that I was afraid I would step on one. So, heads up, wait no, heads down, don’t step on them.

We couldn’t get enough of them, we interacted for about an hour, went, and took a tour, and then came back and fed them again while it rained outside. It was such a cool experience. You pay for the sticks at the enclosure, I believe it’s cash only. Well worth the money, and it was great to see how much Craig loved doing it. Perfect for families, children, couples, it’s paved for easy walking, but I don’t think strollers or wagons were allowed inside because of the risk to the birds.

 Who knows, maybe one day we will adopt our own parakeet.

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