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Day 53: Kalispell, Montana, Mountain Berry Bowls, Conrad Mansion, and Kalispell Cemetery

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

A couple days left in Montana, I woke up with a renewed spirit since my migraine seemed to finally break.  At a very low level, I was able to work it out and just get up later today, take my time, and give myself the space to just BE.  After I was sick of myself, I headed out to the living room where Angela and I planned out heading to Target and touring around Kalispell. I was all for it, something still chill enough to keep me occupied but not too much to trigger another headache. Got to LOVE being an adult!

We had a fantastic trip to Target, I enjoyed just walking around and figuring out what I needed on the next leg of my trip. Then we drove around downtown Kalispell, finding all the murals and fun, quirky stop around town.



Kalispell Montana







Kalispell Montana


A MUST every time I have been in Montana is “Mountain Berry Bowls” which is like a smoothie with fresh fruit, seeds, and everything good about life. I LOVE them and accidentally got a large instead of a small….I guess go big or go home! LOL

Mountain Berry Bowls




Last stop was the “Conrad Mansion” which is this beautiful mansion located in town, turned into a Museum for the public to enjoy. I took the “self” tour for $20, and enjoyed just walking around and looking at everything. In 1892, Charles and his wife, Lettie, founded the town of Kalispell.  They would then build their dream home in 1895, and thus the Conrad Mansion was born.  13,000 square feet, 26 rooms, 8 fireplaces, along with electricity AND air conditioning- yes, they had some money! You can tour this while in town, tours on the hour, choices from a self or guided, prices vary and are listed on their website. It took about an hour to tour on my own, a very unique house to see! Then you can pay respects at the local Cemetery, which is also named after the family, where his masouleum sits at the end of the Cemetery, high above in the hills. Located behind the crypt are “fairy steps” which you can walk up and down, legend says counting them down and then again up, that the number of them changes. I personally think because they are a mess, it’s confusing which step is considered a real step and what is a “landing” at points, thus making the number confusing. But, a cool story, nonetheless.

Conrad Mansion 2021

Conrad Mansion 2021

Conrad Mansion 2021



Conrad Mansion 2021


Conrad Mansion 2021






Conrad Mansion 2021


Conrad Mansion 2021





Conrad Mansion 2021


Conrad Mansion

Conrad Mansion


Conrad Cemetery




Conrad Cemetery


The rest of the day was more relaxing and getting this blog post done so I don’t have to race to finish this tonight. Last day in Montana tomorrow….what adventure will come? We shall see- stay tuned!

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