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My Favorite Disney Counter Service Restaurant…. The Love of Satu’li Canteen

               Have you ever walked in somewhere, that first step into someplace new and grand and felt the warmth wash over you like sunshine on a summer day? Something about this Restaurant spoke to the depths of my soul, I felt like I was home.  Yes, you may be laughing, surely Amy Joy this is just some place to eat, why the word grandeur? Well, to me is it just something much more. Located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in the back corner of Mo’ara, aka, Pandora, a new kind of meal experience on Property awaits you. Accessible through the Tree of Life side or the Africa/Lion King Show path side, come with me, it’s time to eat and experience Satu’li Canteen.

               I am not here to tell you a food review on each little item, just what is my absolute favorite, what I cannot live without while visiting for a bite. I always get the “Combination bowl” with grilled chicken, creamy herb sauce with red and sweet potato hash. It is garnished with a light coleslaw and a few boba balls, which I always ask for plenty extra of, outside at the stand when I grab my drink. The mixture of these flavors together is a symphony to the mouth, and no other meal on Disney Property makes me just as excited and happy.  I see they have revised the menu for 2023, but thankfully my go to is still on there. Seriously, I would be so devastated if this meal is ever taken off.

               When I am in the Parks with friends and family or by myself, I always eat here for lunch. It’s a ride on “Flight of Passage”, a little bit of window shopping, grabbing my Night Blossom at “Pongu Pongu,” then lunch at “Satu’li” and then book end the Pandora experience with a ride on “River Navi.” Easier to do in the days of Fastpass, but I truly don’t mind having to wait when it’s day to explore the Park. I will buy Genie Plus if my time is limited and I really want to get that all in on a particular day, but rarely.

               After food in hand, a cup to grab my Coke Zero, I look for my favorite place to sit. It’s in the central part of the dining room, usually at a 4 seater table to give myself some room from others, and I like to sit on the booth side so I can look at everything. From this point of view, I can see who is coming in, the sunlight from the windows, the amazing work the Imagineers did all over the ceiling with the Avatar art work, and I am in close proximity to refilling my drink. When you’re there solo as much as I am, it gets interesting on how to refill you drink and should you, shouldn’t you leave your purse and stuff while you do it. Normally a Cast Member will either watch it for me or to offer to refill my drink- so kind. By the way, the staff here is AWESOME!!! Always chatty, sweet, and I find their kitchen is very quick.  I try to mobile order now all the time as it does cut some time down with waiting in the line- HIGHLY recommend to mobile order here!

               With my meal, my favorite seat, the last component is the music. Yeah, Disney does this the best. Nothing gives me chills more than hearing the Avatar Soundtrack while eating my favorite meal followed by usually chatting with you good folk on the book of faces, aka Facebook.  It’s such a nice getaway from the crowds outside, a chance to breath without feeling surrounded, and there is something to be said about using REAL silverware and bowls. Check it out on your next trip and let me know what your favorite dish is.

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