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Meeting Paranormal Celebrities at the Michigan Paracon

As many know, I have been a fan of the Paranormal pretty much my entire life.  At a young age, my Grandmother passed and she visited me that evening before moving on to wherever we go.  Since then I have been fascinated by what happens to us after death and do we really get to see/speak to our loved ones. So many books I had checked out at the library, and then came along Unsolved Mysteries. To my recollection, they are the first that I saw that ever really looked into ghost sightings and stories. I think in the past, this subject was taboo- how dare you question that maybe there just IS more out there. Then came along “Ghost Hunters”, “Ghost Adventures”, “Kindred Spirits”, “Ghost Bros”, and one of my ultimate favorites right now, “Destination Fear”. So, when I heard they have a CONVENTION where they all come together for meet and greets, panels, autographs, and such, I WAS STOKED! Their 12th year here, where have I been, the Michigan Paracon is located at the Kewadin Casino in Sault St. Marie.  I bought my tickets online for Saturday, August 25th, booked our hotel in nearby St. Ignace, (you can book a room right at the Casino) and planned our road trip to Michigan. Before leaving, one doesn’t go to a spooky con without wearing the correct attire. I, of course, bought a T-Shirt on Amazon that simply said, “Ghost Bait.” Well, I am. (Side note, met someone who has the brand “Ghost Bait” for their investigations, yeah, I didn’t know).

Funny story, Craig and I get to this beautiful Casino Hall, (Kewadin Casino in Sault St. Marie) in this quiet area of town, and we are thinking “We messed up, this couldn’t be it.” But there are cars, so we proceed to find a door, and head in. We ask where the Paracon is at the check in desk, the point the way, we head into the Main Lobby where there is an escalator. It has a sign there that says Paracon or something like that, so we assume, must be upstairs. AGAIN, we were first timers, please keep the laughing to a minimum. LOL. Anyways, we get up there and the first table is “Destination Fear”- but they aren’t there yet. So we wander into the back halls they have there, people are setting up booths and merch, and we just feel like we aren’t supposed to be there even though the time was right on the button.  We wind up sitting in the waiting area, across from the Destination Fear spot, and like a idiot I fan girl as I see Tanner and Dakota walk up the stairs, not sure if I can say hi, approach them, whatever.  Again, my first time. So we patiently wait, until we look down onto the Main Lobby and see more action happenng down there. Hmmm, maybe we missed something. Yep, like CHECK IN, showing our tickets, blah blah, we are idiots. Yeah we headed down and checked in, got the scoop, and HEY, more people, celebrities, fun stuff on the first floor as well which we would have eventually found- maybe.

First, I have to tell you how EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, was kind. The staff, the Celebrities, the vendors and hotel staff.  Always willing to answer a question, help with directions on where to go and an overall feeling of a kind community.  Nothing has better energy than a group of people supporting others in a craft they enjoy. I am not going to sugar coat these folks, I was nervous. These are people that I had not only been watching on tv for years now, followed on social media, but that I truly HOPED were the people they perceive to be on screen. It’s so hard to approach someone, you are genuinely excited to meet, only to find that they want nothing to do with you. Not the case in any interactions I had. Now, some may have been chattier or spent more time with us, but we understand they are extremely busy at these events and that’s just how it works sometimes.

First group we met was “Ghost Hunters- Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango, Shari DeBenedetti” I think I may have fan girled the most here, I am not proud of it, but they were and are the OG of the Paranormal World, to me anyways. Jay was standing there getting ready and with a racing heart beat I just walked up and said “Hi Jason, I’m Amy, and I have watched your show forever. My first favorite and the OG.” He laughed and looked at me and said “Nice to meet you, did you know OG stand for OLD GUY?” Everyone laughed as I died a bit inside, I wasn’t trying to insult the man. LOL Anyways, met the whole crew, the other guys seemed shy, totally fine, and got a great group pic. There is a fee to get picture with them, and they have photos to also have autographed on the table for a fee. I felt they were completely reasonable, considering I spend hundreds at MegaCon for Celebrity pics and autographs. Check out more about them HERE.

Next, Craig and I met Chip Coffey, a well known Psychic, (see all if his great work HERE) and he was SO NICE. I admitted to him I was a bit nervous and he was so warm and calming. He explained to us he would just like pics of people sitting next to him, because of Covid, and even joked we got a rare photo with him without his mask (he forgot to put it on).  By the way, I asked Craig if he wanted to be in any of the pics and he has normally not been the one to want to be in front of the camera, so he said no and “Its your thing Amy, you enjoy it.” You bet I did!

We wandered the back hall for a while, looking at tables and chatting with vendors. Then I saw Patti Negri, and I was SUPER excited!! I have seen her on so many tv shows that I was almost intimidated to say hello. WOW, this lady is not only the real deal, but she is also kind. Why does that matter? Because I don’t care what your job, art form, whatever- if you aren’t kind, I don’t want it and I cannot even handle being around the negative energy.  Her energy glowed and we chatted for a while, I bought her book and grabbed a pic and autograph. Check out all her great work HERE.

The ”Destination Fear” crew (Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder) were all at the table now, we were waiting for Chelsea to arrive so I could give them their presents…you guessed it, ducks! Because I am SURE Dakota isn’t sick to death of these quackers by now, and even more embarrassing, that I thought I had this original idea LMAO.  I bought four, all glittery, different colored ducks from Menards, hoping it would land. Then I realized that they probably get a ton now, and why did I feel so embarrassed LOL. Gifting is my love language, I can’t help it. They loved them, and it was so nice to finally chat with each of them although I just binged them recently again and have SOOOOOO many more questions about certain episodes. Craig, the hubby, also has come to love their show, I didn’t see that coming. So we watch it together and always smile and say, “Remember that time we met them?”  We bought the pic and the autograph, again, all reasonably priced considering they are a very hot show right now. Check out more about them HERE.

Next was Amy Bruni and Adam Berry from “Kindred Spirits” which we had a bit in common with. First, she is as pretty as you think she is on the show, so is Adam of course. They had just recently investigated the Sheboygan Asylum, and we both grew up in Sheboygan, so we chatted with them about that and how his husband was also from that area. They are also both HUGE Disney fans, so we talked about the Mouse of course and how much they go. We paid for the picture and also an autograph, again, incredibly reasonable.

               We then shopped for a bit, walked around, and I found a psychic, that I signed up for a reading with. She was super friendly, and I got out of it what I needed, but of course thought of more I should of asked after my session was over. I met Heather Hastings, who had this incredible booth of fun pop scary icon figures, called “Mid-Knight Dream Designs” and she had the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! His eyes glow in the dark, he is just AWESOME, and of course we bought him. One, Heather was kind and great to talk to, kindred spirits, two, she worked hard on her creations, and you can tell. Three, I LOVE to support local businesses and artists, they do some of the most amazing things you will ever see and don’t get have the street credit they deserve. Always buy local if you can! I will hopefully see you again this year Heather.

               I was also able to meet and chat with John Zaffis, a Demonologist and Paranormal Investigator, also getting his autograph. Then I met the group called “Travelers Moon,” aka Chris and Kelly, who are also Paranormal Investigators and we chatted for quite a long time about what equipment to use and where they had been. I enjoy following them on social media, extremely kind people.  

               Funny story, we saw Aaron Sagers in the corner at his table, and I kept walking past him like I knew him.  I never had the guts to go up and talk to him, because again, I am an idiot. Not until I got home watching Paranormal: Caught on Camera that I realized “Ohhhhhh” it’s the host from that show. Well, I will see him next time LOL. Side note, he has the BLUEST eyes.

               We met and chatted with the host, Darren Marler, of Weird Darkness for a good half hour about Colorado and anything but Paranormal. The SWEETEST guy and you should check out his podcast, it’s great! And last but not least we met the “Ghost Brothers- Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, Marcus Harvey.” HILARIOUS!!! That’s all I can, just funny guys with THE best T-shirt hands down. (Of course, I bought it).

               A couple I was bummed I couldn’t time right; he was either up from his table when I wasn’t there kind of thing, was Dustin Pari (OG Ghost Hunters) and the Perron children from the “Conjuring” story, Roger and Andrea. I hope to meet them another year, as this may become a regular thing for us. We LOVED the vibe of Michigan, it was easy to find in Sault St Marie, it was a cute town to explore, and Mackinac Island is only about an hour away for exploring, as we did as well.

               If you love things that go bump in the night, wondered about the afterlife, and genuinely have more questions that answers, than check this Con out. (We weren’t able to make any of the workshops or after party type events but hope too in the future.) They will welcome you with open arms, lots of hugs, and tons of information. And some great pics! We didn’t even get to everyone they had there, we just tried to fit in as much as we could. Get all the info and tickets HERE for the 2023 Season, see y’all there!

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